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The Elder Scrolls Online: Launch Review

Welcome one and all to the 4th of April. Not bad as days go generally speaking. If you work for Zenimax however, welcome to the official culmination of all the hard PC work you’ve put in and the official launch of The Elder Scrolls Online.

They Come

They Come

Early Access
I say the official launch but of course with most games there has been a period of early access open to anyone who pre-ordered the game. My own experiences in Early Access have been enjoyable for the most part. Yes there were some issues, including a large portion of time lost to server work and patches. If you’d heard that and also heard the chattering screeching hordes of the entitled, we’ll get something out of the way first.
You do not have to apply your game registration code until 12noon GMT on Sunday (7am for the east coast of America). You will then in effect have had the full duration of early access before it is necessary to register your game code and start the 30 days of your subscription.
With that covered, lets discuss the actual game thus far, how launch has gone and what may have changed since beta.
Smooth Like Meat Beer
Actually, I do hope that the Wood Elves make their meat beer smooth, I don’t think I want to play in a world where you might have to chew your beverages.
From my own personal experiences, the launch has been smooth and only marred by the aforementioned down time and one Matrix like glitch where it wasn’t a deja vu, I found myself five minutes in the past. Has everyone had the same experience? Almost certainly not. It is the wonderful issue with game launches that the unforeseen always finds a way to show up along with the blindingly idiotic in the form of some users. Others still have almost certainly had legitimate complaints and issues with the game but from my own personal experience and those that I have seen in the wonderful House Stalwart guild, it’s been a smooth launch.
Unlike the original sequence of events following your characters awakening and escape from Coldharbour in the Beta weekends, I have to say that I particularly enjoy waking up in a major city of my faction. It might be the influence of the RPG players who have fond memories of Daggerfall and Skyrim, or it might just be a nice work around to ease up on the bottle neck of the early zones. Who knows?
Finding yourself in a city after the tutorial can be potentially overwhelming I imagine. You’ve just made your character after all. You’ve done the combat basics and found yourself out through a Daedric portal into the world. What next? What would you like?
Do you want to just stomp off into the wilds and lay about yourself with whatever weapons you had to hand? Feel free.
Do you plan to hop right on the story lines as offered by the Fighters and Mages Guild? Sure, go right ahead.
Do you want to go back to those starting islands and starting stories? There’s someone right outside your door ready to point the way.
Do you want to see more of where you’ve woken up and deal with the troubles that plague it? Grab your weapons.
Maybe that was what was at the core of some complaints about The Elder Scrolls Online. The sense of personal agency. The idea that you could go and do whatever whenever. Yes some of that has had to give way to the mechanics of an MMO but at the same time I enjoy the implicit options for my own future. I can choose to tackle whatever I want to. There’s no hand holding going on. You take the quests or you don’t.
So You’ve Launched A Game…
Zenimax and Bethesda have gotten their baby out of the first gate. Despite the flailing and wailing of some impossible to please souls about the downtime and what they were owed, everything has been handled cleverly and carefully. From putting a queue system on the account page to make sure people can connect in a timely fashion to the “extra” days of headstart, they’ve made me personally feel welcome.
Probably unfairly for them, they’re going to have to go through it all again. The game may be launched but it is still coming to consoles which will in turn bring its own host of issues and complications. That’s not all they’ll be hard at work on of course, but it looms all the same.
What comes next?
There’s the two main draws of the subscription fee here. First is the content we’ve been promised that will come in regularly, I already have plans for some of the in game guilds that will show up, and the second is the fight for Emperor. As with anything right now it’d be easy for Zenimax to rest on its laurels but I don’t think they will. Between the simply gorgeous latest trailer as seen here….

…yes… Man Sorcerors are overpowered.
Between that and the upcoming content, there are plenty of avenues for Zenimax to tell us stories even as we the players go and make our own in Cyrodiil. Alliances will rise and fall, keeps will change hands and the fight for the top spot will continue. I personally tend more towards PvE game play but if you just want to saddle up and go kill people, the battlefield is waiting for you.
It's Good To Be Emperor

It’s Good To Be Emperor

We here at MMOGames will be keeping an eye on The Elder Scrolls as it progresses and you can be sure that we’ll bring you all the highlights from the world of Tamriel.
If you excuse me, I have to see an Orc about a horse.


Random FAQ
  • The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild are not present at this time.
  • Vampires and Werewolves are. You’ll have to go get infected or find a player to do it to you.
  • Mounts cost almost 15k gold.
  • Imperial Mounts cost 1 gold and are only available to anyone with the Imperial Edition. It is available from the moment you find a stable.
  • The mount offered via the account services is available to players from level 10.
  • You must be level 10 to get into Cyrodiil.
  • You can join up to five player guilds and they operate account wide.
  • Your account name will be your in game handle.
  • The Molag Bal statue from the physical edition is big. Like really big.
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