Fiesta Review

There is no shortage of MMORPGs with an anime look and we’re going to be looking at one of them with our Fiesta review. This game is not like most anime inspired MMOs out there, however, it has something of its own. Even if this is supposed to be the case for all MMOs, since everyone is trying something new, Fiesta manages to find its own niche audience and has survived for quite some time, even growing with new players as we speak. So what makes Fiesta stand out? Does it bring something more than its competitors or is it just more of the same? I will tell you.

Fiesta Review

To Grind or Not To Grind, That is the Quest(ion)

The one thing that always seems to haunt MMOs created for the Asian market is their receptiveness and extreme need for grinding. While I am fully aware some players do enjoy grinding and everything that comes with it, I am not a fan of it and think it is a lazy attempt to get players to invest time in a game. With grinding I mean the literal grind where all you do is just kill a lot of mobs and don’t do quests, which of course are a grind too, just better hidden. There are ways to make the journey more fun than kill and fetch quests, which Fiesta sadly doesn’t do. Everything in this game is either about killing a number of x or retrieving y for z, and this gets boring extremely quickly. On the positive side, Fiesta does have a lot of these and progression is relatively fast compared to other similar games, so there is never a need for pure grinding.


All For the Kingdom

In the midst of all the kill/fetch quests, which are easily done solo and almost have to be done solo since getting groups for them can be really hard, there is that one thing that makes Fiesta stand out a little from similar games, and those are its Kingdom Quests. These act mostly like PUG raids that you can sign up for half an hour before they start. There is only a limited number of players who can get into these, but as you progress, more of them open up making more to choose from, and they do open up a couple of times every day, they even have their own schedule so you can plan your gaming around them.

While the system for getting into kingdom quests is like a stressed LFG tool and how they act as a raid which doesn’t need any real coordination, I cannot stop playing them, and the kingdom quests are what makes me come back to the game. Being an MMO player who often goes at games alone since most of my friends mainly play singleplayer games, I have always been drawn to games which make it easy to find groups with strangers and doesn’t punish players for playing with strangers, and the kingdom quests are a great example of how this is done right. I have only failed one kingdom quest out of the hundreds I have done, and the reason being that we had no healers at all in the party.


Cute and Customizable

Fiesta is as adorable as you would want from an anime-inspired MMO. It has the big cute eyes on its characters, the charming monsters that looks like something from a children’s book, and all those slime monsters of varying sizes. Fiesta also uses a cellshader-like engine making it a game that really takes a long time to be graphically outdated. So far Fiesta is everything you can expect from these kind of games, nothing more and nothing less. Adding on this is a more or less classic free to play UI which looks similar to all its competitors, with the difference being that it is fully customizable without even having to enter an editor to change size, location or what elements to show, which for me is a huge plus since I, in a fight, can easily rearrange the UI.


Tiny Mushroom Houses

Fiesta is free to play and you will notice this with the first glance at the game, but it is not a pay to win game. You can level faster with money but paying for the game doesn’t give you a better experience or make your character better, so it is a free to play done right, in a way. The kinds of things you can pay for are mounts, which come in both crazy and cute versions, making the game a little more fun to jump into, and really small houses which you can rest in or act as a shop in the game, even if this is mainly a way to hide the free to play spammers, it is a cute and fitting one for the game.


Nothing New But Still Good

Fiesta looks and plays like most anime-inspired MMOs out there, quests are all about killing and fetching stuff, with a lacking story nobody cares about, cute slimy monsters, a free to play system which hurts the gameplay and fills the window with selling spams. But in the midst of it all, Fiesta manages to keep me playing almost solely because of its raid-like kingdom quests, in which I can only play half an hour and still feel like I’ve enjoyed the content, and I don’t have to wait around for a group to fill or friends to enter to kill that huge boss, it’s always one click away and you can do it several times a day. Fiesta is a free to play MMORPG in all ways possible but it doesn’t beg for your money like so many other games, and it never really punishes you for not paying. So if you like slimy monsters and cute anime characters, are able to accept that grind which haunts you at every corner and love raiding but never quite have the time for them, Fiesta might steal your heart, despite its flaws.



+ Kingdom Quests
+ Easy to customize
+ Good free 2 play


– Feels a little too much free 2 play
– Repetitive and boring quests
– Seen most of it before


Rating: 6/10


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