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Ghost Recon Online is an upcoming free-to-play MMOFPS based on the popular Tom Clancy series of the same name. Recently Ubisoft has been running closed beta tests, inviting select players to play, test and experience this free AAA shooter. As somewhat of a fan it was inevitable that I would have to sit down and play this interesting adaption myself, mainly because it appears to be everything I have been yearning for in a first person shooter.

Ghost Recon Online doesn’t differ from most other current MMOFPS titles in a gameplay sense, there are objective based matches which reward you think currency to buy better equipment. The mode I played for the majority of my session was a mode similar to Rush in Battlefield. There are three points on a map, one team must attack and capture these three points while the opposing team defends until the time runs out. Very simple, traditional and nothing innovative here, but it’s still like nothing you have ever played in the free-to-play market.

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The world we live in is now a world of run-and-gun shooters, which is plain wrong. These games leave a bitter taste in my mouth and part of me always thinks back to when people took their time, everything was tactical and objectives were everything. Ghost Recon Online does a perfect job of slowing down the pace, creating a more strategic approach to gameplay and punishing those who rush.

The game follows the standard third-person perspective that players would expect from a Ghost Recon game. Combine that with a cover system, creative maps and realistic gunplay and you have a tactical shooter named Ghost Recon Online. When maneuvering around the maps players can take cover behind any object or against any wall, taking cover provides improvements to accuracy and recoil.

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Through these simple mechanics a player who sprints in to a room and starts firing will hit everything but what they were targeting. Swaying your weapon reduces accuracy, recoil is felt and must be managed if you don’t want to aim at the sky and every shot matters. The beauty of it all is how the mentality of each person you play against changes from the norm, people naturally started taking cover and properly thinking out each movement.

Sitting behind cover, waiting for that perfect shot, that’s camping right? You would think so, but it really isn’t. Throughout matches there were several intense moments each round where two people are huddled in separate corners taking shots at each other. People may move less but there aren’t players sprinting around corners, so there is no benefit in camping. The mood completely changes, behind stuck behind cover and unable to move forward creates a very intense experience.

MMO Games Ghost Recon Online Cover System Screenshot

Another refreshing change is the way skills can change the match in one teams favor significantly when used correctly. Recon players for example can choose to either cloak themselves briefly or reveal enemies behind objects and walls, while an Assault player can blast enemies with heat and wreak havoc. Combining the classes, their separate abilities and utilizing them in creative ways allows you to stay on top of the competition.

Ghost Recon Online is extremely well polished, especially for a beta client. With the exception of a few minor graphical or animation glitches, this truly is a AAA quality title available for free. Players who are looking for a more tactical shooter will not be disappointed, in fact I would go as far as saying that I would almost pay retail price for this game, it’s just that good. Beyond that, after the server shut down and I was forced to wait until I could play again, I still wanted to play and that’s something that doesn’t happen very often.

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