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Once in a while, a game comes along which automatically becomes a personal favorite. Gloria Victis is such a game to me; from the get-go I started to follow this game, and even managed to get a pre-alpha code.

I first learned about Gloria Victis in December 2012, when the news of the ‘Indie of the year’ awards spread out into the world. The top 5 games were all strong contenders but Path of Exile was the only one who really lived up to the promise right away. Number five in line was Gloria Victis by Black Eye Games; a game with major potential but no funds.

Black Eye Games (the studio behind Gloria Victis) already started a kickstarter event back then, but hopelessly failed to reach its target; only $21.000 out of the $60.000 they needed. With the kickstarter project failing, the game was set for an early exit, but the developer didn’t even think for a second that they would abandon this project. Black Eye Games decided that they would work with donations and work without a budget. That meant a lot of volunteering, goodwill from enthusiasts and a team of like-minded people. Soon Black Eye Games came with their own motto to work with: “A game by gamers, for gamers.”

So what is Gloria Victis, and why is it so special? Gloria Victis is a medieval-based mmorpg. There are a lot of medieval-based mmorpg’s around nowadays, so nothing special about that right? Gloria Victis, however, called in the help of experts who are specialized in the medieval architecture and medieval interior designs. These people were hired in order to create the most realistic medieval mmorpg ever. Towns and cities that could really have existed, and within those towns and cities the most realistic everyday live you have ever come to see in a mmorpg.

In Gloria Victis you will start as a nameless person with no spectacular background. So you are no orphan, lost prince, legendary outlaw or any of that traditional stuff. No, you will be just you; a character wearing some worn out outfit and absolutely no idea what to do in this game.

The world of Gloria Victis has been ravaged by the crusades, internal feuds and wars between neighboring countries. Your character will travel the lands and pick up on quests, join guilds, participate in crusades and so write its own storyline in Gloria Victis. Black Eye Games is still working on the lore of this game, but add a little more each time they update the game.

As you start playing you will notice that there is no need to assign a class to your character when creating it. This was a deliberate choice of Black Eye Games, because in real life you don’t choose a class for yourself either. You can learn whatever you want, when you want to. Also you will notice the non-target combat system; you will have to do everything yourself. If you aim at a person standing 100 yards out, you will have to take in account that gravity will pull your arrow downwards along the way. Did your opponent move to your side during combat? Better turn towards him or the only thing you will hit is air.

I have been playing Gloria Victis for a while now and, although the world is not even remotely finished, I feel this is a future mmo hit. The surroundings are truly magnificent to explore and the village and city are, more and more, bustling with life. NPC’s in the game are actually interacting with your character, and the way they think about you influences this a lot. Keep in mind that whatever you do in the game, be it good or evil, will have its effect on the NPC’s.

Hitting animals or enemies from afar is still very difficult for me, but maybe I am just not so good an archer as I would believe myself to be. Combat was at first tiresome; the hacking, stabbing and slashing just didn’t work as it should. Oftentimes I would miss that dreaded creature and I would get killed. Things have been adjusted since the beginning, and fighting is actually becoming very cool! If I slash at my target and miss, it is all because of me. I better practice some more because we just got confirmed that warbands are implemented in the game. This will mean that you can, and will bump into these war bands now and again. Traveling in a group and working together, which is highly recommended by Black Eyes Games, is becoming mandatory even more.

The game is being developed by using the Unity Game Engine, and the graphics are just stunning as you can see from the screenshots. Also this engine will allow Gloria Victis to be the first ever mmorpg to have a dynamic weather-system. You will see sunshine and clouds, night and day…but beware of those unexpected thunderstorms, or a thick fog setting in all of the sudden. Before you know it, you’ll be wandering through the rains and unable to see that bandit creeping up on you.

Like I already mentioned; Gloria Vicits is only just in pre-alpha, but I will keep you guys posted on a regular bases about the development of this game. Below I have posted Q&A posted about the game, as well as some trailers. This Q&A can be found on the website as well.

1) What is Gloria Victis?

Gloria Victis is an MMORPG with a great focus on classic roleplay. The world is inspired by the medieval Europe and Near East with fantasy elements such as mythical creatures from Slavic folklore.

2) How much will the game cost in its final version? Will there be a monthly fee?

The game will be free to play (F2P), but there will be so called Item Shop. Yet the items sold there for real-world money will not break the game’s balance. They will be purely cosmetic or quality of life items. Few of them may be available for free in game, but they will require a lot of time and effort to obtain.

3) What about the game’s combat system?

Gloria Victis will operate on a non-target combat system. The player will have to aim and attack in the right direction and from the right distance. The missiles will follow the laws of physic and will not be homing. Dexterity and tactics will matter in combat.

4) Will there be character classes in the game?

No. Players will have freedom in building their character using special stats and skills, but we will generate ready paths for those players, who’d rather follow something premade.

5) Is there going to be a crafting system and a way to enhance items and if so: will it have visual effects?

In Gloria Victis there will be 10 different crafts to choose from that players will develop as they see fit. Though upgrading an item will not bring shiny auras. It will also be more than just adding on runes.

6) Can we have our own pets in the game?

Character companions will be mostly animals (like hunting/war dogs, hunting eagles). They will have specific functions and controlling them will require obtaining proper skills.

7) Will there be magic in Gloria Victis?

Magic in GV will be an elite skill that only few will possess. It will be mostly based on illusion, alchemy and occultism.

8) How does the Gloria Victis world look like and what nations will be available for players?

The world is varied and open, created after the middle ages; especially their architecture, attires and customs. The nations available in the game will also be based on those, that existed in the real world. Playes will be able to choose between 4 nations: Etherians, Asken, Northern and Nuntians.

9) How does the quest system look like?

Quests in the game will resemble those you see in the classical RPGs. They’re multi-pathed and sometimes picking one of the paths will significantly influence the gameplay. Following a chosen path will bring moral and ethical dilemmas as well as change the NPC attitude.

To find out more about Gloria Victis, don’t forget to visit the game page.

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