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Hero of the Obelisk Review

Welcome to the Hero of the Obelisk Review! Hero of the Obelisk is a point and click with WASD movement. It was first released in foreign countries (Japan in particular) named as “Dungeon Hero.” It was renamed once it was localized. There will be only a few things to set this game from others. The biggest difference is in the handling of the game. Hero of the Obelisk may be a ‘typical’ point and click, but nearly every combating aspect of it is taken place in instance dungeons.

There are a few free fields and a few monsters that roam around town, but nearly everything else takes place inside instance dungeons, which is a concept that doesn’t seem to be done very often for mouse-focused games.

Hero of the Obelisk Review

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Gameplay and Combat

A player can choose to use WASD or the mouse for their own preferred movement. They can also choose to use tab to target and a hotkey for their skills and basic attacks rather than clicking. The gameplay is similar to that of other MMOs with some particular differences that players may not see very often. Aside from the gathering, there are a few other features:

Real Time Skill Evading

Players don’t have the option of evading basic attacks, but when an enemy uses a skill, there is an indicator that will appear as the enemy is about ready to initiate their attack. Before the attack goes off, a player can quickly dodge the skill to avoid taking any damage. All players are also given a dashing skill in which allows them to quickly get out of any sticky situations.

Enemy Gathering

A difference that sets Hero of the Obelisk from others is the advantage of players having their own dungeon with a large amount of monsters in which a player can gather and eliminate large amounts of monsters at a time. This is a very satisfying feeling that many MMOs do not allow players to do very often anymore.

Targeting Interface/Skill Indicators

When players use most skills, there are indicators for players to see where their skills will land. Some skills quickly initiate without the player’s second judgment, but for skills that need to be targeted, there will be markers that appear for players to quickly judge where they want a skill to land. Throwing my two cents in, it reminds me of the indicators when using skills in many MoBA-style games.

An example of enemy skills and player skills


The graphics are smooth and very well made. They aren’t hard on the eyes and most skills and animations look very clean. The skill indicators are accurate and precise for the players to know where to aim and what to dodge. The graphic styling seems to be friendly for any ages and some aspects of the game are very detailed.

The look of some of the armors and weapons are very detailed as well as the wings players can obtain. Most of the font looks very clean and everything is easy to read, except for the one quest that was in Korean, but I won’t get into detail with that.

Skill System

There are a few ways MMOs decide to allow players to obtain skills. One of which is by using a spell/skill book which can be obtained by quests, dungeons, and purchases by an NPC; Hero of the Obelisk goes with the spell/skill book route. At early levels, players won’t see a difference from their own skills compared to other players who are the same class. At level 10, there are a few significant changes:

Class Specific Skills

Once a player does their class advancement quest, they can obtain skills that are specific to that class. Players that are of another class won’t be able to obtain those skills and vice versa. This holds importance if players are debating between the two different classes and wants to find the right one for themselves.

Passive Skills

At level 10, after the class advancement, players start to gain points in their passive skill tree. These points can be used to make a player’s character deal more damage, take more damage, or make their character more versatile. This is practically a mastery tree that you can find in many other skill systems. I enjoy systems such as these and I think it adds that nice personal touch to nearly every character.

Weapon Specifications

When players obtain skills pertaining to a certain class, there will be a weapon requirement for most of them. Players can choose to carry a second equipped weapon to swap in and out if they prefer another weapon’s basic attack, but for the usage of skills, players must use their directed weapon or the skill will be grayed out and unavailable for usage.

Ranking System

There is a stage by stage ranking system that allows players to place their name on a ‘Top 5’ board. Once a player achieves a rank on this board, they will obtain wings for the duration of time that their name is on the board. These wings will allow for some minimalistic stat bonuses. These rankings will also reset every week which will also reset the wings for players even if they hold the top rankings.

The wings will vary in style and design depending on the location that a player achieves their ranking. I, personally, do not support this type of ranking system. It direct players to try completing a trial period in which doesn’t reward the player for very long and feels very counterproductive. Players gain benefits, but it’s so minuscule it doesn’t matter. Once the benefits disappear, it feels as if something significant is missing since the wings are no longer on a player’s back. My personal opinion is that a ranking system in Hero of the Obelisk isn’t needed.

Item Obtainability

Items of higher quality are moderately easy to obtain. Items with slots are also easy to obtain and they can be crafted. Items of average grade can be found as rewards from quests and items of high grade can be found at bosses or as a reward for completing a stage.

Hero of the Obelisk has a dungeon completion reward system that allows a player to hold off obtaining an item to increase the chances of getting a higher grade item if the same dungeon is ran again. Items of the highest grade are also announced VIA server message which allows players to see how the chances at a highest grade item isn’t impossible which also causes a small amount of server message spam due to the large amount of items being found.


There are many forms of crafting in Hero of the Obelisk. Players can choose up to two different types of crafting. These different crafting choices will usually correspond with a player’s class choice; for example, rangers will choose leather tailoring and gunsmithing, mages will choose the option to craft robes and staves, and warriors will choose blacksmithing and sword crafting. Aside from these usual choices, players can also choose to craft potions as an alchemist or they can choose to craft jewellery.

There are many choices and many materials to gather and use in the crafting system. Most of the materials come from breaking down items that players don’t need, but some of the items come from the enemies or some can be purchased from the corresponding merchants in town. Crafting takes a portion of time, but players are rewarded with the ability to craft items with slots in them which can potentially make certain crafted items even better than items that players can find.

Difficulty Factor

The current difficulty level of Hero of the Obelisk is much too low pre-level 19. I enjoy Hero of the Obelisk, but there isn’t much of a challenge when most enemies die in two hits other than the boss. Even at higher levels, the difficulty comes mainly from the bosses of the instances rather than the dungeon as a whole unless the stage is a hardcore one.

Players are able to rush through most stages as a party of four because the enemies don’t scale well with party play. Players can’t really feel any level of difficulty when playing in any of the normal dungeons. Most, if not all, dungeons at low levels are possible to a degree by any person alone and with party members, it’s a cakewalk. I think the only fix to this difficulty issue is to scale enemies better with the amount of people in a dungeon.

However, when players reach hardcore dungeons and some few selected other maps, the difficulty factor is much higher. Enemies do more damage and bosses are much more of a challenge on hardcore dungeons.

There are two different wings displayed in this screenshot. An example of the different obtainable wings.

Personal Note about Hero of the Obelisk

Hero of the Obelisk is definitely worth a try. The game has its strong points, but it also has many weak points. It has potential that can be utilized if the game receives a few tweaks in the difficulty. Also, obtaining a high enhanced item does not seem impossible. There are many games where a player can try to enhance something to its highest value, but it seems nearly impossible; I was able to get an item to one of the highest enhancement levels without much of an issue. My main concern is the difficulty factor; it’s definitely fun, but it’s lacking on the difficulty at lower levels and has a huge jump in hardcore dungeons.


  • Graphics – 4/5 – The graphics are great. They’re smooth and friendly for everyone. There are also plenty of dances for people to enjoy. =]
  • Gameplay – 3.5/5 – The combat is moderately fast paced and players are able to gather large groups of monsters together for mass murder, but there isn’t exactly anything new being done here.
  • Features – 4/5 – There are a lot of features. I mentioned quite a few and these are presented really well. There is also ang achievement system that allows for players to gain titles which can be seen in quite a few MMOs up to date.
  • Community – 3.5/5 – The community is average. There is a level amount of helpful people and a level amount of people ready to party. Players also have the option to jump into a party when they are starting up a dungeon as well.
  • Difficulty – 3.5/5 – This is my greatest concern. To a certain degree, the difficulty is at a moderate level, but on the other hand, the difficulty level is much too low at lower ranks and at a moderate-high rate at hardcore difficulties. There is hardly any challenge when running through an instance at lower ranks.
  • Overall – 3.7/5 – A game with potential. A few flaws, but very enjoyable. It is worth a try if individuals have some free time to game. Hero of the Obelisk is, for the most part, enjoyable, but in need of a few tweaks.

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