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League of Angels Review: Is It Just Another Browser Game?

To be honest I’m kind of tired of browser games. It’s because there are already a lot of them on the market right now, and most can’t even be called a game. How could they, if all you do in them is just click and watch? Would Street Fighter be a called a fighting game if all you do is just select a character and let them battle on their own? One good point that I can say early on In the case of League of Angels, is that it’s not another One Piece, Naruto, or Three Kingdom (Sam Kok) Browser game.


In the Beginning There Were the Mage and Warrior

League of Angels starts off like any other browser game out there. you are a hero who is summoned to help a world in distress. In this case you need to free the angels that are held captive by the darkness. To begin your adventure, you will need to choose from two available classes: Warrior and Mage. You can choose to be either female or male, it will not affect your status.

Although you can’t really customize your appearance, or anything else for that matter, what I like about the game’s character creation is that you can have a last name e.g: John Doe, Jason Smith, Carla Miller, etc. You might think that this is trivial, but once there are a lot of players playing the game, naming your character become a difficult thing to do. I once had to name my character “Leo1990abc” just because I can’t use space to enter my last name.

Character Selection

It doesn’t really matter what you choose

Other than your main character, you will also be accompanied by an angel. Angels are mainly there to boost your party status, they also have skills that will either activate at certain time, or at random. Besides Angels, you will be able to recruit heroes to join your party. You can say that heroes are the bread and butter of your party. They attack each turn, and if all of them is dead then your party will lose. The final addition to your party is a mount. Just like an angel, mounts do not directly attack the enemy, and they can’t be targeted or killed in battle. Mounts serve to give stat boost to your main avatar, and they also have skills that activate at random.

What’s interesting about your party is that there’s actually a formation system that you need to pay close attention to. Each party consist of a max of six unit. These units need to be placed in a 2 x 3 square grid. One grid can only be occupied by one unit. The significance of unit placement in a formation become apparent once you equip your Angel. This is because each Angel will give you a buff for units that are placed on certain slots. Thus placing your units on the right slot becomes very important. You wouldn’t want to place your Mage on the slot that has a physical attack buff.

You also need to consider the placement of tank, damage dealer, and healer unit in the formation. Generally you want to put tanker in front of healer and damage dealer, since this means that your enemy need to eliminate your tanker first before they can hit your weaker units.

Aside from the formation system, your hero selection also plays a vital role in winning a battle. Every hero has a partner, and when you use both of them in a party then you’ll have a chance to activate their partner skill. Thus making the attack of those heroes more powerful then normal. Hence it become important to decide, are you going to use two weaker units that are a partner to each other, or are you going to use two stronger one that doesn’t have a partner skill?


It’s As Simple As Clicking

Just like other similar browser games, you advance by doing any of these three types of quests: the main, side, and loop quests. The Main Quest is where the storyline of League of Angels progresses. It is locked by level, and eventually you will need to complete the other two in order to unlock more Main Quests. The Side Quest is where you will grind to get exp since you can repeatedly clear the dungeons. The Loop Quest is a little bit special. It may vary from completing certain dungeon multiple times, to buying something in the shop. Each day you will have 50 Loop Quests that you can complete. Completing all 50 can yield you a special reward. Failing to do so won’t leave you empty-handed since you can still get a reward for every five Loop Quests you finish. After that, the Loop Quests will reset to zero.

You just need to click to solve the quest (see the marked area)

You just need to click to solve the quest (see the marked area)

You can see what quests you can complete on the quest tracker, located at the right side of your screen. You can also use this quest tracker to guide your character automatically to the NPC or dungeon that you need to, just by clicking on the quest title. Of course you can’t just endlessly grind to raise your level. Each time you enter a dungeon, it will cost you five stamina. You have a max of 300 stamina, and will gain five stamina for every half an hour. Each dungeon also has a limit of 30 entries per day.

Besides doing the dungeon manually, you can also finish dungeon automatically. You use this by using the auto battle options that is available in each dungeon. It’s faster, but doing this will net you less experience and gold. The best thing about this auto battle is, even if you leave or go offline, your character will still be able to clear the dungeon after a period of time. Please remember that auto battle also use the entry limit of a dungeon, so don’t waste all of the entry limits automatically all at once. At least save 10 entries per dungeon, since side quests and loop quests will sometime require you to enter this dungeon. If you have used all of your entry permits, then you will have to wait for the next day to enter that dungeon again.


It’s All Automated

Most often, the battle system is not a strong point in many browser games. League of Angels is not that much different. The battle is all automated and you can’t do anything to affect the outcome manually. You can’t even choose which enemy unit to attack. It all depends on the battle rating of your party. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m actually not against automated battles like this. What I’m against is that the players are forced to watch these battles. Sure, it’s fine to watch the first couple, but why would I want to see hundreds of battles whose outcomes I won’t even be able to control? Luckily you do not have to watch each and every battle, there are those which you can skipped. You still have to see the initial load and then press the skip button manually though. It would have been better if they just added an option to skip the whole thing, like how they did for the World Boss event.


As I have mentioned before, the battle is affected by your battle rating. Your battle rating is determined by how strong your character is, the hero that you hire, your angel, mount, and your equipment—all of which can be improved. If you have a higher battle rating than your opponent, then you would probably win the fight. You can still win if you have around 2000-3000 lower battle rating, but more than that would probably be difficult. You don’t have to be afraid of losing though, since your character or the heroes that you hire never die. They will simply respawn with full health after the battle is over.


So Much to Do, So Little Time to Do It

Other than fighting the dark forces, there are a lot of other things you can do in League of Angels like the mini games, tasks, and rewards. You can play this game for hours and you still would have something to do. This is probably one of the game’s strongest points.

Let’s start with the basics: the daily event. As the name implies, this is a special event that happens daily at a certain time. All events are free, and all players can participate. To participate in this event, you need to be logged in during the time that the event is taking place. To get the full reward you need to do all these events manually. Luckily, if you missed an event, there’s still a chance to do this the next morning. Redeeming an event costs gold though, and you will not get the full reward.

See the marked area? That's the things you can do in League of Angels

See the marked area? That’s the things you can do in League of Angels

World Boss and Team Arena are probably two of the more interesting events of the bunch. In World Boss, you and every other players who participated need to take down three bosses. You have one hour to do so, and the boss have a huge amount of HP. Team Arena is just at it says, you will need to form a party of three to fight against another player with a team of three. Unlike other battles, each participating members on a team can only bring their character, one hero, a mount, and an angel. So if you’re participating, make sure to bring your strongest hero. The unit formation is also important. The leader of a team can reposition the unit locations as they see fit. Sadly though, I think the matchmaking function of this feature is a little bit broken. You will often be paired with team that have a much higher or lower battle rating than yours.

After the daily events, we have the various mini games and activities. There’s the Arena and Clash of Might where you can test your battle skills with other players. Alchemy and Wyrm Races are where you can earn gold. Zodiac lets you battle the zodiac avatar to grant your angel new passive skills. There’s also the Team Dungeon, a special event where you and up to three other players need to conquer a dungeon as quick as possible. If you want to earn the best reward, clear the dungeon in under 30 second. Just remember: never attack the same enemy that your friend is attacking, since this is a waste of your time.


Sometimes you can find treasure chest like the one in the marked circle, if you explore a bit.

Sometimes you can find treasure chest like the one in the marked circle, if you explore a bit.

Aside from battling there’s also a lot of mini games. There’s Gemology, a classic Bejeweled like mini game that nets you gems you can be use to strengthen your equipment. The Garden lets you tend your garden a la Farmville. You can gain gold, war soul, or exp in these gardens. There is also Tidal Pool, a shooting mini game where you need to shoot the fish first before you can catch it. You get money, soul stones, or a chest for catching one. These shoot-the–fish type of games are apparently quite popular in China. The problem is, the implementation of this mini game in League of Angels is so poor that a lot of times, my bullet just goes straight through a fish like it wasn’t even there.

Finally there are the various rewards that are waiting for you. There are too many of them to mention, and they sometimes change according to the event dates, There are three areas that you might want to visit to see what kind of reward you will be eligible next, they are Hot-Events, Daily Loot and New Player Rewards.


Is It Worth It?

That is the eternal question, isn’t it? Although it has a lot of flaws like I mentioned above, it also offers a tons of things that you can do. The events and mini games are quite fun, and the artwork is amazing. Oh, have I mentioned how gorgeous the illustration for the Angels is? They are beautiful. So if you enjoy browser games like Pockie Pirates, Pockie Ninja, and the dozen or more Three Kingdom games out there, then League of Angels is actually perfect for you.

Please don't drool on your keyboard.

Please don’t drool on your keyboard.


League of Angels Pros and Cons


+ Beautiful Art
+ No Installation Required
+ Easy to Play


– Fully Automated
– Story is Dry
– UI is Dated and Crowded

Final Rating: 3/10

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