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It goes without saying that MOBA games are the next hottest thing in e-sports. Spawning a new genre from a map/mod in Warcraft III, MOBA games are beginning to pop up everywhere. Slowly but surely, new developers want a slice of the action and begin releasing their own attempts at the genre. This generally leads to things becoming very stale, that is why it is nice to come across a game that dares to be different. LOCO: Evolution does just that, straying away from the pack to create their own flavor. Tactical Online Action RPG, the classifcation LOCO: Evolution falls under, taking the best of MOBA style gameplay and mixing it with a Third Person Shooter Perspective. This blend is only the beginning of what is truly a unique offering for those looking to step outside the box and try something new.

MMO Games LOCO: Evolution Base Screenshot

There’s a map, two teams are pitted against each other in battle on this map and each have their own base. The two bases are connected via pathways which run throughout the map, each base spawns monsters which run along these pathways to attack the enemy base. To aid in stopping players and monsters from reaching a base there are defensive towers. Starting to sound like your traditional MOBA / Tower Defense style game right? It is, essentially. There are many maps available in LOCO: Evolution, some are straight-forward killing arenas, others have control points to be captured across the map and there are maps that are as basic as the one described above. No matter which map you play on however, one thing matters most; strategy.

Your end goal is generally always to destroy the enemy base, to do this players will take control of a hero of their choice. There are a wide variety of heroes available, players select from heroes with special abilities in areas such as tanking, dps or support. Each hero has unique abilities, allowing players to choose the perfect hero to match their playstyle. There is something for everyone, from big strong brutes to small swift assassin types. There’s even a little girl who summons a massive doll version of herself to smash enemy towers. Here is where we get to where things are different, the game puts you in the front seat of all the action. Players play from the third-person perspective, so you are right there in the action rather than looking down like an overseer.

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Combat is a lot like any other Action-RPG, you aim with a crosshair, peform skills with hotkeys and click to attack. Think of Dragon Nest combat and you have pretty much hit the nail on the head, it’s fast-paced and it’s fun. The crosshair in-game is a targeting reticule that jumps to the closest target in the direction you point, so switching targets is just a matter of moving your mouse. This gives the game a twitch-based element to it, however if players hold down right click they can lock on to one target. Heroes begin a match with only one skill, but as players kill monsters and other enemies they will unlock more skills to unleash on their enemies. This level is reset with every match , meaning you want to destroy as many monsters and players as possible. Killing things also rewards you with gold which can be used to buy items to use during the match. This means staying alive and dying as little as possible is crucial if you don’t want to give the enemy lots of easy gold.

The maps are fun, there is something for everyone with small arena style maps to large strategy based maps. Everything you can play on a current MOBA game you can play here, what’s more exciting though is what you do when you aren’t fighting. LOCO: Evolution is about changing things up, the developers want you to feel closer to these champions you spend so much time with. When players aren’t on the battlefield they will find themselves in the player city. Like a traditional MMORPG, players will spend their idle time in a city filled with an auction house, a bank, vendors and more. Heroes aren’t just disposable toys in this game, players can equip them with better gear, buy pets, complete quests and earn achievements. The game does a great job of making you care about which hero you play, I found that I stuck to one hero a lot more than I do on other similar games, it was nice to have a hero that gradually improves.

MMO Games LOCO: Evolution City Screenshot

Traditional MOBA gameplay, mixed with Action-RPG combat and a taste of MMORPG city-dwelling. It’s a combination that works beautifully to truly engage players in to the world normally filled with dull lobby’s and an idle screen. Sure, there are still lobby’s here, but it’s definitely nice to have somewhere to hangout when you aren’t in a match. These style of games are generally very brutal to new players, LOCO: Evolution has in-built AI matches which players can jump in to for some practice sessions or to learn the ropes. Outside of this, if you are already familiar with the communities of games such as League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth don’t expect any different attitudes from the players. If you aren’t familiar, be warned that you need thick skin or a quick /ignore reflexes. Try not to let higher level players discourage you, you are going to be playing with them and in this types of games they generally aren’t too accommodating.

Not surprising for any online game these days to have plenty of trolls and hot-heads, so if you can get past this then there is a game with engaging combat and strategical gameplay. LOCO: Evolution is living proof that you don’t have to follow the same cookie-cutter recipe to create a fun online action-RPG. There are some favorites amongst the hero selections, but across the board you can have fun with any of the heroes and stand an even chance. The cash shop isn’t intrusive and maintains a focus on selling cosmetic items, which keeps things fair for both free and paid players. Overall, if you are looking for something new, fast-paced and exciting, LOCO: Evolution is worth a shot.
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