The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Review

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, mix old school dungeon crawler together with the dungeon management genre in a neat package. A title for gamers who like to reminisce the old days of dungeon crawling and loot collection, while possessing the tools to create their own dungeons (for others to raid of course).

There isn’t much of a story plot to Mighty Quest to rave about when the game’s objective is to “out-shine, out-spend and out bling” other players. The lore about floating castles is quickly summarized as “magic” before being whisked away to the important business of dungeon raiding 101.

The characteristics of the playable heroes are similar to other RPGs. The Knight, is likened to the tank and fighter classes, having massive amount of health but is limited to melee attacks. The Archer on the other hand is a ranged assassin with capabilities to deal massive damage to foes from a distance. Letting him turn well placed traps against mobs. The Wizard, unlike the Knight and Archer, starts out with a full globe of mana to use his skills which is spent after use. While the Knight and Archer loses mana out combat, the wizard regenerates. This ability together with the Wizard’s high damage output from a single spell make him one of the most powerful heroes in the game. Be mindful, he has the least amount of health and he could be easily killed by a well-placed minefield.

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Mighty Quest parodies the dungeon crawler genre. It gives players the option to create dungeons for other players to test their skills. At the same time, players feel the need to attack other player’s castles for better loot, experience, more resources or just for the challenge and high score.

Unlike other dungeon crawlers, you’re alone, one man (including your pet) against the entire dungeon. Getting every bit of help would spell the difference between a success raid or failure. Crafting in the game is condensed to swapping gear of the same rarity for another random piece, or combining several pieces of commonly available gear for something better. Gear is randomly generated, so acquiring something you’d like may cost a bit of gold; luckily, there’s usually gold surplus to go around after upgrading your castle and there is very little to spend on thereafter.

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Of course thy ill-gotten gains must be defended; fortunately, the game provides enough room tiles, monsters, and traps to help you sadistically prepare for those who dare brave your fortress.

There are, however, limitations which prevents players from designing an impregnable castle. Like other games, there is a value capacity limit which is coherent to the castle level. Monsters and traps are assigned values that limits their numbers within the dungeon. This value also affects the aggro limit based on the location of the room, preventing castle planners from tossing the kitchen sink to the visitor. On the other hand, it encourages the usage of traps, which shares the value capacity as monsters, but do not contribute to the aggro pool. However, traps are double-edged tools which may work as intended or used by the aggressor to his own advantage.

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Defending castles at the start of the game is a difficult task since generic monsters and traps are easily defeated; however, through upgrades and possibly through the help of boss monsters, some castles can be quite a tough nut to crack.

Castle designing can be a tedious and time-consuming process, requiring repeated testing and careful deliberation. This offers a great challenge for anyone attempting to min-max a castle design. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of your own castle must be tested by yourself before it is officially registered as a castle for other players to attempt. If you get killed, in your own castle, try again.

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The developers at Ubisoft Montreal behind Mighty Quest have several AI castles for players to loot, with each zone governed by a boss. But, even that becomes stale after sometime, and the next natural course of action is to start castle shopping, and that is where all the fun begins.

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Unlike other competitive PVP games where the victor gains a wealth of resources and the loser suffers a tremendous loss, this does not apply to Mighty Quest. Players pillage each other’s castles for resources, the actual loss incurred by the defender is a fraction of his resource; never any loss of gear. The math is based on the invader’s rank, hero level, and how fast they clear your castle and destroy your mines. If the invader gets killed due to an unfortunate accident in your castle, the resource stockpile in the throne room is protected from looting. The invader may purchase a revive to continue the quest, but he walks away from resources collected from mobs, mines and loot he collected along the way. Nothing from the resource stockpile.

The castle resets itself after every battle and requires minimum maintenance. Defeated castles are immediately protected against invaders. Giving castle designers time to address weaknesses while enhancing it’s strengths to better challenge prospective invaders. Protected castles are still open to attacks, and loot and resources are still obtainable by killing the resident monsters.

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Since the introduction of micro-transactions and free-to-play MMOs, developers have tried various methods to convince gamers to part with their hard earned cash. In Mighty Quest, the cash shop sells aesthetic items, several types of pets to gather dropped loot from defeated monsters, resources and an increased magic find percentage. All of them do not affect game balance. This is especially important for a PVP oriented game.

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Mighty Quest plays fantastically as a one man dungeon raiding quest (for epic loot of course) as well as a dungeon management game. It is one tongue-in-cheek title filled with ridiculous naming conventions, witty comments, non-stop trolling, and a magically summarized lore that is worth a good read. If you seek a dungeon crawler and dungeon management game that is easy to pick up, do not hesitate to give this a go. Be warned, putting it down isn’t easy.

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