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Rusty Hearts Review

Rusty Hearts is first and foremost an Anime Beat-Em-Up Action MMORPG, and by this we really mean it’s an online revamp of the old coin-op arcade games from ‘back in the day’. Developed by Perfect World Entertainment, Rusty Hearts follows the story of Lord Vlad the leader of the vampire race who wishes to purge all half-bloods and humans alike.

As a Perfect World Entertainment game the first thing you can expect is that the game is going to look great and it does. Boasting what I would like to claim as the best Anime-Style visuals I have seen to date, Rusty Hearts definitely feels like something straight out of Japan. With a heavy gothic setting the game looks a lot different to other ‘Anime’ MMO’s such as Mabinogi for example; this is a lot darker.

The core chunk of gameplay in Rusty Hearts is running dungeons or levels if that is what you prefer, each level is made up of stages which contains a wave of enemies. Kill the enemies and you progress to the next stage in that level, reach the final stage and you face off against a boss. The fighting is fast paced and Perfect World have done a great job with polishing the gameplay, it feels smooth and it works. It works even better if you have a Microsoft or Logitech Gamepad, which I found to be easiest in terms of character control and comfortable playing over longer periods of time.

Rusty Hearts F2P Beat-Em-Up Anime Action MMORPG

I am going to get this out right now before we continue, if you are approaching this game as an MMORPG fan; don’t. This game appeals to fans of the coin-ops I mentioned earlier and as many people will know the gameplay mechanics of games such as these are the exact opposite of what a players wants from a traditional MMORPG. So what do I mean by this? Well you are going to run these levels over and over and face waves and waves of the same enemy.

This is where coin-op fans will be the most pleased, the grind is more nostalgic than painful and really takes you back to a simpler time in gaming. Each level in the game offers 4 modes of difficulty, I teamed up with Cody Hargreaves and even while putting it on the highest difficulty available to us it was still incredibly easy. There is a lot of dungeon content however, so this may change dramatically later on at a point we did not reach; or maybe we’re just that good.. the first is more likely but we can dream.
Rusty Hearts F2P Action MMO

Rusty Hearts at the end of the day does what it is meant to, it revives arcade beat-em-up gameplay, injects it with online functionality and wraps it in gorgeous cell-shaded graphics. My biggest gripe was the lack of customization for characters as changing your equipment isn’t really reflected on your character. The most customization I received was changing the colour of my sword to an ugly yellow, this lack of customization was a big deal-breaker for me but this is just personal taste.

If you are looking for some laid back arcade action then Rusty Hearts is definitely worth a look, Perfect World has once again brought an addictive game to the market and shown us that they can create visually high quality games one after the other. While not everyone will understand Rusty Hearts and the game definitely isn’t for everyone, there is a community of beat-em-up fans out there exploding on the inside with excitement. Will you join them?
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