Trove – Heroes Preview: Neon-Colored Superheroics

I adore superheroes and I enjoy Trove’s sense of whimsy, so hearing that the two were combining definitely made me smile. Also hearing that I was invited to take a Trove – Heroes preview ahead of the update’s announced launch was a golden opportunity. Or a silver-age one, if you prefer; there’s ways that you can hearken back to both things with the new class.

trove - heroes preview

So let’s get the big reveal out of the way: players can look forward to playing as a hero in Trove this coming Tuesday, March 27th, opening up the ability to don the voxel spandex outfit of the new Vanguardian class and take on new threats in the Luminopolis region.

To be specific, Luminopolis is a sub-biome of the greater Neon City realm in Trove. As its name would suggest, its an incredibly illuminated region, gleefully coating the screen in 80’s pastels complete with a sun that looks like the logo of a TV cop action-drama of the era. The region will be available to all players and has content for those who are Uber 3 or better, with most of the content focusing on more visual storytelling.

The prime drive of this new zone is the invading Amperium and the efforts of the Resistors to beat back the villainous robot army. Heading the fight is the city’s champion, the Vanguardian, who offers those who unlock the class all of the comic book-beating fantasy they could want.

trove - heroes preview

The Vanguardian enters combat as a melee attacker by default, though the class has access to a laser eye blast that enhances the damage of melee attacks. If you want to start a fight from the air, the Vanguardian can smash down into battle quite literally with a Touchdown maneuver, sending the player screaming to earth after a certain length of time spent gliding and leaving a small impact crater in the ground.

The Vanguardian also has a ranged attack assigned to the 2 key, which makes the class swap out entirely to a full-on ranged mode to give players the ability to adapt to the situation as needed. These options immediately brought me back to my Warshade playing days of City of Heroes and I was pretty much invested by that point.

Of course, fighting well is only half of the superheroic story; you’ve got to look the part, too. To that point, the Vanguardian is getting three distinct looks including a villainous skin and a classic-styled Paragon of the Past skin. These new cosmetics not only change the way the Vanguardian’s outfit looks, it also affects their attack FX. A personal favorite of mine was the Paragon of the Past’s attacks adding “biff pow sock” onomatopoeia balloons with every strike.

trove - heroes preview

If you’re not interested in taking on foes with superheroic eye lasers and punches for whatever reason, Trove – Heroes is still planning new stuff for you. Most notably, the new area will introduce new challenges such as Rampage Alerts, where multiple players will have to take on one of three giant monsters that are…well…rampaging in Luminopolis.

And when I say “rampaging”, I mean it – during the demo, one such big critter was actually taking swipes at the building the Vanguardian was hiding in and slowly breaking it apart while doing so. At long last, a superhero MMO battle that actually has collateral damage.

Taking on these massive threats are a prime way for players to earn Sentience Shards, which are a chief material needed for crafting at the new Resistor Workbenches that will be available in Luminopolis. These workbenches have access to a variety of unique craftables, such as Beacons for Club World use, new mounts, new wings, and the Vanguardian class itself. Resistor Workbenches are located in new Outposts that spawn in Luminopolis, which will also offer up some new Outpost Adventures for players as well.

Finally, the update will also bring a variety of quality-of-life improvements that were recently detailed, along with level 30 costumes for all of the game’s classes, two new dragons to ride (one of which totally looks like Flammie from Secret of Mana) and new allies called Kami.

trove - heroes preview

All in all, the Trove – Heroes update is looking like another winner for what I’ve found to be one of the most freewheeling and fun MMOs going. It’s got all of the color of the game’s most emotive worlds and brings lots of gameplay beats that I miss from my more superheroic MMO’ing days. The devs look like they’ve thought up everything, including silly little touches like the Vanguardian dabbing while dodge-sliding or being able to still attack at range while using a dance emote.

I’ll be looking forward to checking out the neon lights of Luminopolis come March 27th. Because, after all, a Candy Barbarian swinging leeks for weapons can be a hero, too, right?

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