Warframe: The War Within Preview

Warframe has been one of those games that I’ve always been intrigued to try but have yet to do so. That need has only grown after my time with the devs during The War Within preview.

I was graciously invited to a stream with Live Operations Producer Rebecca Ford and Studio Manager Sheldon Carter who ran through one of the new missions coming with the update and discussed a little bit about what players have in store.



After the events of the Second Dream and the reveal of who the Tenno truly are, the developers made it clear that the story of The War Within will expand upon this significantly. The emotional attachments and reactions to the latest story are a motivating force, and it was something that the devs of Warframe hope to hit on again.

Not only will The War Within expand on the lore, but the update will also expand on control in-game. The mission being showcased involved a Warframe stopping a cannon from firing on civilians and aiming it at the enemy instead, and the emphasis was on stealth. This new focus on more stealth-based gameplay is something being done by design, offering players a new avenue to take on objectives. Of course, it’s not the only way to succeed, but the added parkour maneuvers and agility opens up new avenues to strike. The demonstration showed a Warframe that could slide, run off walls and glide around for maximum positioning.

The new mission also had multiple tiers and objectives that change as the game gets played. Making missions longer and more fluid is another design idea that the devs will be expanding upon, as later missions in the game will be a bit more dynamic in structure.



New content usually adds new powers, and The War Within certainly is no exception. The biggest addition here is the Focus System, which is the ability to summon a Tenno onto the field directly as a sort of astral projection that engulfs a large area. This growing connection between Tenno and Warframe looks to be further expanded with the coming update, though the devs were mum on what this means for the game.

Of course, The War Within will also add more of the expected bells and whistles with new weapons, new missions and modes, improvements to Endless Mission types, a variety of graphical improvements, optimizations and much more.



The War Within will be adding an additional end-game system, though the devs were incredibly tight-lipped about it. However, Carter did tease that this new system will give players “a new way to experience the game again.” What precisely that means isn’t known as the demonstration came to an end by that point. Further information on the end-game system should be announced as the update nears release.

Everything coming to Warframe, both revealed and not, will be arriving in November to PC players. Console players shouldn’t have long to join in, as the devs are working to make sure the update arrives before Christmas to PS4 and Xbox One.

It has been a long wait for players of Warframe so heavily invested in the game’s lore, and it looks like it will be worth it. The War Within seeks to deliver more of what players love, and the demo showed a game that only looks to be expanding by leaps and bounds.

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