Wartune Review

We see Wartune everywhere, time to take a look and review the game!

In this Wartune Review, we feel the game can best be defined as a turn-based strategy game since players are going to do a lot more fighting compared to the other mechanics that are used to advance in the game like farming or building. This game was developed by 7Road and was originally release in China in June of 2012. Since then, its been under a few publishers like Proficient City, GameBox, Kabam, R2Games Entertainment and of course its developer, 7Road. Wartune can be played by browser or via Facebook app.

Wartune Review

How they want Wartune to be defined is a little confusing. It’s like a whole chaotic mash up of different games I played before. Wartune is best described as a collage of torn out printed copies of well known artworks and all the pieces are randomly placed in a single picture frame and titled ‘their very own Picasso’. Why is that? It reminded me of so many other games I’ve played before, some of them older games like Diablo, and it provided entertainment just like those games did. It triggers quite an air of nostalgia which adds to the element of curiosity that tickles interest of the gamers who are wiling to give it a whirl. Was it too sarcastically poetic? My bad. No offense.

Early Game and Perks

From level 1 to before you hit level 15, everything is all about learning the different mechanics of the game. These quest-based scenarios are meant teach players on how to move about the game. Players can look forward to different kinds of quests that could provide for decent rewards. Aside from the main storyline, there are also Event quests, dailies and optional quests (like bounty). Each of them can grant different opportunities for the players to receive various rewards which include gold, experience, resources, equipment, cash shop items and other stuff that can prove useful along the way. Aside from quests, the game is devised with a Bonus System which is divided into three different categories.

Wartune Review

The Daily Login keeps track of the days when players comes back into the game. Corresponding rewards are given each time the number of logs or check-ins are met. This event resets at the start of each month.

The second one is much simpler. Players are rewarded with an Online Gift Pack while in game. A chest box with a timer is set on the upper left side of the screen. All they have to do is wait for the timer to run out then click on the chest box located at the upper left corner of the screen. The chest is said to often contain items from cash shop. The last one is through Daily Events. Players will have to wait for the System to send out information and particulars of the Event like the schematics and possible rewards.

Wartune’s VIP Membership Worth It?

Looking at the list of features a VIP membership has to offer compared to a normal free user account, I couldn’t help but be dismayed. To say that it is “ridiculously overwhelming” resides in the pits of what could be defined as an absolute understatement. I do understand that it’s human nature to be competitive. No one would pass on the opportunity to be at a certain advantage compared to others. It is fun but even that has particular boundaries that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a statement saying something like the only way to reach a satisfying endgame is if players are to rely on their pockets and not their skills as gamers.

Wartune Review

I truly have nothing against spending on a game and I don’t hold back on it either if the game is worth spending on. A balance needs to be maintained between one’s skill as a gamer and what you can do with money. Worse case scenario, it is bound to get boring really fast since the game is too easy for spenders. There is no challenge. No fun to pick on people that can’t possibly pose as a challenge. So what is there to do? There are many ways to respond to this but surely, it boils to one possible conclusion and that is to look for a different game.

Game Features And Mechanics

What could be the main objective of the game is to make improvements on the City. This is done mainly by continuously upgrading the surrounding buildings. The Town Hall affects the improvement of and level upgrade of the rest of the buildings as it also controls the levy gold production. This enables the Barracks to recruit stronger and a larger number of troops to help defend the city. The troops varies in classes, stronger ones are unlocked at certain levels and each class is upgradable too with the consumption of Daru.

It is something similar with the Academy building. This structure affects the over all stats and strength of the player, the troops and the city’s capacity for production. Upgrading these stats and attributes requires the consumption of Kyanite. Aside from quests and other rewards, these resources are easily obtainable through farming. The Farm is unlocked at level 11. Players start with 3 vacant plots and can choose amongst Gold, Exp, Daru and Kyanite seeds from the Farm Store. More planting slots are unlocked as the Farm gain levels. People on the buddy list can even access each other’s farm. This enables them to gain more resources by helping out.

Another key map that players will want to explore is the Forgotten Catacombs. Aside from the great amount of experience points this place provides, it also drops materials that will allow the players to craft better and more powerful weapons, armor sets and other necessary equipment. One free reset is given out daily, after that, in order to make more runs through the dungeon, Crypt Keys will be needed but at least this item is obtainable through multi-player dungeons and of course purchasable via cash shop. Do keep in mind that if you decide to farm the keys, you will also be spending on Stamina.

Stamina is consumed each time players go through dungeons. Players won’t receive any experience or item rewards if they don’t have enough points. There are different ways to replenish Stamina. They come in potions that are available at the cash shop and also obtainable through rewards. Stamina is automatically replenished everyday by 100 points. Maximum is 200. Another way players can recover stamina points is through the Altar of Ennoblement. Players can just enter the altar and start cultivating stamina points right away. It takes 2 minutes to regain 1 point so it’s a pretty useful when a short break away from the game is needed.

Another nifty feature that might be interesting to try is Blitzing. This allows players to automatically complete solo dungeons or through the Forgotten Catacombs in exchange for some gold. Making gold is quite easy. Blitzing is probably one of the best ways to put all that gold into good use. Blitzing through regular dungeons is alright but farming the catacombs the fastest way possible is a much better idea, of course, acquiring the resources needed in order to craft or synthesize a better set of armor and stronger weapons are always on the top of the to-do list.

Wartune Review

I don’t need to explain how important it is to be well geared in a game. This is where Synthesizing comes in (it can be called crafting if it’s much easier for the ears). Anyways, the materials needed to craft better sets of armor and weapons can be found at the Forgotten Catacombs and some of the necessary materials for the synthesis are available at the Crypt Shop. But before all anything else, crafting only becomes available once the Blacksmith building has been unlocked. More and more features are enabled as players (the building isn’t upgradable) reach certain levels. Here’s a short description of each:

  • Enchant (upgrade equipment for better defense or damage)
  • Socket (embedding gems with additional stats like HP, STR and etc.),
  • Refine ( resetting and improving of item stats and attributes)
  • Recycle (deconstructing useless items/equipment to obtain Refinement Crystals)
  • Convert (combining lower level gems to create a better one for higher additional stats)

Finally they have this feature for players that have been away for no less than 24 hours. Upon logging back in, returning heroes are rewarded with Rested Experience. But at the end of this feature’s description, it says “the more rested experience you gain, the greater the bonuses!” Does that mean the longer I’m away from the game, the bigger bonus experience I get when I log back in? Sounds a little bit like an encouragement to stay off the game.

Gaming Momentum

According to a friend who did play Wartune for a few months, he said that “it was a good game, enjoyable to a certain extent”. But unless you’re really into browser games, be advised and just play casually. If you get carried away on how fast the pace is and choose to grind on end, you will be forced to slow down on the long run. I don’t know about you but I certainly dislike anything that disrupts my momentum. I guess this is the case my friend was trying to point out. As your levels grow higher, the limitations of what you can do as a “free” user starts to close in on you and no matter how much you try save up the freebie items you got from rewards, you’ll be boxed in pretty fast.

I guess in short, it means that Wartune is indeed a good game but it might not be all that big on hardcore gamers that don’t like too many shortcuts. For a fast paced game, it has too many schematics for a supposedly small game that it kills most of the fun. Well, it’s just my two cents.

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