World of Tanks Blitz Review

Putting a grand and epic game such as World of Tanks in a much smaller, mobile setting may seem like an impossible task, but as this review will show, Wargaming does a good job at getting that tank feeling in World of Tanks Blitz. If you are a hardcore WoT player, you might laugh hard and wonder why they would do something like a mobile WoT, and I too was skeptical to this, but having the opportunity to play with your favorite franchise, even on the go, might not be so bad, or would it?

World of Tanks Blitz

These stones and colors are the same for all maps.


For me, the most important aspect of an mobile game is how well it can be played on the go, whether it be on the train to work, bored on the toilet when there is nothing fun to read, or waiting for that friend who is always late. In this aspect I would have to say that World of Tanks Blitz does a pretty good job, it has its big flaws as when it lags from a very good 4G connection making it impossible to play. And instead of having a connection issue pop up, you still play the game but with at least a minute delay. This is not only a problem for WoTB itself, but something almost all mobile games struggle with, but since this is a game available on other platforms with more content in them, I would have hoped for them to step up and put a heavy focus on how well the game can be played outside your home, instead of giving us the regular semi-good connection of mobile gaming.


This is about the most variation you will see in a map.

But as I said before, the connection problem is really something which WoTB cannot be blamed for entirely, since it is a problem for all mobile games. So the next important thing to cover on mobility is how well the game plays on the phone compared to the tablet. And this like most mobile games out there is at its finest when played on the tablet. The screen on the phone is at times too small to fit the controls of the game, where your fingers are going to be in the way of seeing the enemy at times. Other than that, WoTB plays the same on both devices, but I would have wished for a smaller less messy interface on the phone.


Looks like all the other maps…

User Interface

The game is played with pretty much standard controls when it comes to mobile games using a third person view, or in this case; tank view. On one side you have the round button for moving and on the other side a button for view, then you have numerous buttons for firing, changing ammo, zoom and some more. And this system works really well on the tablet here you have a big screen for all the things to press, while it gets a little messy on the phone, hiding the map behind all these buttons.


Gameplay and Maps

The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward; you play as Germans, Soviet or the Americans in 7 vs 7 battles which last around five minutes, making it a perfect length for mobile devices. But the matches are very repetitive and sometimes boring, since most of the match will be spent driving to a spot where you can see the enemy, or take the control point. On top of this there is only one game mode and a couple of maps, which all of them looks pretty much the same. There are some variations in the maps, but in the end they all look and feel the same, even if it is winter in one and summer in one. In the end, the whole game comes down to buying new tanks and upgrading them, which you can do for the money earned in the game or with real money, and doing it without paying for it with real money is a huge grind.


Very messy UI for the phone.

F2P vs P2W

There is a high possibility for you to get the best tank with the best upgrades only by using the money earned in the game, but only getting an upgrade for your third tank will take an huge amount of time spent playing, and you are still pitted against players with better tanks, which they most likely got via paying for from their real life wallet. And seeing how upgrading and getting new tanks are a huge part of what the game is all about, you should start the game with an open wallet to fully enjoy it.


If you have the money it is easy to get all tanks.

In the end

World of Tanks Blitz is a very solid mobile game, Wargaming has succeeded in bringing WoT core mechanics unto a smaller format, and it runs perfectly without fps drops on both the phone and the tablet. But it is hard to enjoy World of Tanks Blitz when traveling since they haven´t put a big focus on making the game fully capable of using a high speed 4g connection, but it does work great on wifi. If we leave the mobility issues behind and the somewhat chunky UI especially on the phone, aside for a minute, we have nice game worth spending a few hours with. World of Tanks Blitz could also use a bigger chunk of content, in forms of more maps with better variations, more upgrades for your tanks, and most importantly; a few more game modes. If you are a big fan of WoT and would love to play the game when the computer or console is not available, WoTB might be the game for you, but only if you are willing to pay for it.



+ Length of matches fit the format
+ Easy to get into but hard to master


– Lack of map variation
– No game modes to choose from


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