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World Tour Fishing Review

Fishing is probably not the most interesting thing to me. In fact, it’s way down there with golf. So when a game is introduced that focuses primarily on fishing I wasn’t really excited to learn about it. But the more I saw, the more interested in knowing what this game is all about and how it relates to the world of fishing as a sport.


World Tour Fishing is an online game by Games Campus which as the name implies focuses on the world of fishing. To be honest, I didn’t really see how a game on fishing can be popular especially using an online platform but first impressions does show that the game is very impressive. To the uninitiated, fishing isn’t simply about throwing a line with a hook and hope that the fish bites. It takes a number of things from a competent rod, proper fishing line, bait and of course some techniques in order to finally reel in the catch.

The setup

WTF (acronym of the game) makes sure you are well prepared before leaving you to be to discover the wonders of fishing. The game is free to play so all you need to do is go to the website and sign up. For easy sign up, you may prefer to use your existing Facebook account to make sign up easy. Once you’re registered and logged in, then it’s time to download the game.

Mind you after downloading the install client that there is another 1.3GB of download that needs to be done for the game to even install. It’s a particularly heavy game for a game devoted to fishing but you’ll come to understand why as soon as you log in.

After logging in and choosing a server, you will then be directed to the character creation screen. To be honest, there isn’t a lot of customization in terms of character look. You get to choose 4 base templates (2 guys and 2 girls) and then get to change their hair and skin color. You also get to see what they would look like with clothes. As this is an online game, there is an item shop where you can buy items with ingame currency or spend money to get the items you want.


One thing I really noted about this game is that it has pretty good graphics and animation for a game of this nature. The opening video has stunning animation and really gives you a feel of what the game is supposed to be like. It even gives you the feel like you are a real fisherman.

The game comes with a tutorial before it sets you out to the world to catch your fish. This is very important since I don’t really fish and wouldn’t know where to start. The game first introduces you to Fishing Associations. Apparently in the world of fishing, you can’t just fish anywhere without being part of some sort of fishing association. They basically give you license to fish anywhere in the waters under their jurisdiction.

Getting licensed to fish

The first fishing association you are to be introduced to is the Japan Fishing Association. Notably, most of the character designs in this game look a lot like anime so I’m not surprised. The association wants to test you first so they send you out on a quest to speak to this guy in Sumida River. Most of the characters you might meet seem more like out of a comic book rather than an actual NPC until you actually are in a fishing spot.

At this point you get to actually see what the available areas to fish are. Think of them as something like towns in your RPG. Japan has 4 fishing spots to choose from. At the start, you are only able to fish in Japanese waters as this is the only association you are connected at the moment. Later on in the game, when you level up, you will gain access to areas in Europe, Africa and Asia. For now, we choose Sumida River as our fishing spot so we can go on our quest.
When you finally arrive at the banks of the Sumida River, you will have the opportunity to roam around and see the sights of Tokyo. I have to hand it to the makers of this game. The graphics are very nice and the amount of attention to detail is amazing.


First thing I noticed was that they gave a lot of detail to the environment that you are in. The rivers are moving very smoothly like what you’d actually see in the rivers of Tokyo. It even reflects buildings and other structures that can be seen in the normal skyline of Tokyo. I even noticed that periodically, you would see trains pass by the nearby bridge. The only thing I found sad about the game is that it didn’t really have much in the way exploration. But I guess that’s not really the point of the game.

The game tutorial will first teach you how to manipulate the camera so it’ll be easier for you to move around. Then you are shown the different mouse and keyboard functions that will directly allow you to move your character across the banks of the river. Once you get a hang of this, you’ll talk to the NPC by the river so he can give you further instructions on what you are supposed to be doing there.

Now, it’s time to fish. Fishing here is an art form. You have to come near the water’s edge first. Then you need to select bait to use. The game will then teach you how to cast your fishing rod so that you can get as much distance to catch larger fish. Once you successfully cast the line. It’s time for you to wait.

Good thing, the fish in this game bite quite easily or it will be a long wait. After a few seconds, you’ll have a bite then a chance to start reeling in your catch. Funny enough the game then goes into a mini-game.

Getting the fish

The mini-game is basically you trying your best to pull the fish towards you while trying to avoid the line from breaking. All this while, the fish is struggling to break free for your hook. I say it’s like a mini-game because you have to carefully balance different elements such as making sure your fishing line doesn’t snap, the HP of the fish you are catching, the distance of the fish from your spot and even the direction where the fish is going to. You’ll have opportunities to suddenly trigger counters depending on the movement of the fish which will significantly drain the HP of the fish.

You are successful if you are able to reduce the HP of the fish down to zero or reduce the distance of the fish from your spot significantly. There are bonus points awarded if you are able to get the fish in the shortest amount of time. Though, generally it takes around 1-2 minutes to actually be successful. So far, I haven’t failed so the learning curve is definitely easy.


Once you have caught a fish, you get to see the size and weight of the fish you caught. In an almost humorous fashion, the fish is so teeny weeny that it could fit the palm of your hand. Funny because it was struggled so much to find out it’s really small. Haha.

This game promises to be very good as there are a lot of content that I haven’t unlocked yet or have not been opened up to the public. I look forward to having fishing competitions in this game as the name of the game implies that it’s a world tour. My only real concern with this game is that it feels a lot like the Pokemon of fishing. The game has a fishopedia and shows you specific details of the fish you have caught so far. The more of the same kind you catch the more information you get. You also get quest rewards for completing entries. You even get to buy an aquarium and place some of the fish you caught in it.

Let’s also face it that this game is really a niche market and would mostly appeal to those who are actually avid fishing fans or those who enjoyed an anime on fishing (yes, Grander Musashi, I am looking at you). It needs more to attract a steady audience. It might interest some casual gamers to play it for awhile but will generally go looking for something else.


Another turn off for me is the size of the client. Who wants to download 1.3GB of game that is centered on fishing unless you are a big fan of fishing. This definitely would cause casual gamers to turn away and look for other games instead. The online aspect of the game isn’t really felt even though you are allowed to speak in the chat room. But really what else are you going to do there except fish, so I don’t really see the point talking to others.


The game is solid in terms of graphics and animation and has a lot of content to look forward to. Music and background are also pretty good and could be compared to most other MMORPGs in the market. The only concern is that I don’t see any reason why any player would stick around and play this game unless they were really into fishing. The game is definitely worth checking out, though.


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