Witchwood’s Odd and Even Decks Detailed by Hearthstone

While the new Hearthstone expansion is going to be adding the Echo and Rush keywords to rattle things, the new Witchwood Odd and Even cards detailed recently are likely going to have a greater impact on the CCG’s meta with benefits for those build decks based on odd or even-numbered mana cost cards.

hearthstone odd and even

At the heart of this new game mechanic are two neutral Legendary cards: Baku the Mooneater, which upgrades a player’s Hero Power if they build a deck of odd-cost cards; and Genn Greymane, who reduces the cost of a Hero Power to one mana if a deck is built with even-cost cards. Since both of these cards have no connection to any of the game’s classes, they essentially open up 18 different deck types players can build – two for each of the game’s nine classes.

With this in mind, players can look forward to building class decks. Examples include Odd Warrior, whose Armor Up power gets upgraded to Tank Up and grants 4 Armor and synergizes with many Taunt creatures and their odd costs; or Face Hunter, whose Steady Shot changes to a 3 damage attack and synergizes well with quick-drop cards and direct-damage cards like Kill Command.

Of course, this can also benefit the opponent as well. If someone sees Baku or Genn arrive on the field at the start of play, they know that certain types of cards aren’t in your deck and perhaps can plan their strategy accordingly.

Finally, these new deck types allow the introduction of some new cards as well. All of these example strategies, mechanics explanations and peeks at these new cards can be seen in the video below.

Our Thoughts

Now this is the kind of meta shake-up that feels more far-reaching than a keyword. While the Odd and Even mechanics can seem pretty nebulous at first, and perhaps even a bit predictable, we’re also very intrigued to see if these new deck styles will have legs in the greater realm of Hearthstone play. What do you think of these new deck types?

Source: press release

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