Every game that requires your character to destroy an enormous number of rival units with virtual arms is called a shooting game. Whatever your weapon of choice is, we are the experts when it comes to free shooting games. It doesn’t matter if you are using regular arms, stationary arms, mech robots, a phaser or a soap bubble gun – every time there’s a gun and a projectile, you are probably in a free online shooting game. This is not the right space for virtual pacifists, because you are only reaching your goal by using armed force. More often than not, you have to blast your way through to your next mission. In some shooter games, you also have limited movement. For example, if you are using a stationary weapon and trying to shoot everything that crosses your path in a frenzy. You could also be pacing, driving or flying through a level while having to watch out for enemies that are after you.


Free shooting games – It’s all about the perspective


Shooting games aren’t all First-Person Shooters. Although the use of gun violence is necessary in both cases, First-Person Shooters are from a clearly defined point of view, while other multiplayer shooting games can be played from a variety of different perspectives. For example, there is the third-person perspective in which you are right behind your character as you accompany him or her through the virtual world. Depending on the game, free online shooting games can also focus more on action or strategy. In a shooting game, you carefully move from cover to cover, send commands to your team as your killer instinct gets you through the enemy’s territory. Multiplayer shooting games are available in 2D and 3D perspectives. In 2D games, the surroundings are passing you horizontally, vertically or diagonally and you have to quickly shoot at enemy formations. Such games are also called “Shoot ‘em Ups” or “Shoot’n Runs”, they make you navigate a space shuttle, airplanes, cars or other vehicles that are equipped with powerful weaponry. You could also be controlling a hero like Rambo who is armed to the teeth.


Shooting game examples:


  • Battlestar Galactica Online
  • Warframe
  • Dark Orbit
  • Armored Warfare
  • War Thunder


Who has the fastest trigger finger?


If you want to play free online shooting games, you need to be on top of your own game. In a competitive multiplayer shooting game, it quickly shows who has the fastest reaction time and the best aim to shoot as many targets as possible. A great hand-eye coordination and complete mastery over the available weapons is the base for a successful player that can beat others. There are plenty of free shooting games on all kinds of platforms. It doesn’t matter if you have a stationary desktop computer, a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet – we have the right outlet for your destructive frenzy.