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Calpheon Journal: Hop to the Easter Event!

Is it just me, or is it strange to see real-world holidays pop up in Black Desert Online?

It’s never really bothered me before in other MMOs, even though it doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense there either. Somehow, chasing turkeys around for (American) Thanksgiving in World of Warcraft didn’t seem too outside of my usual game time activities. Often MMOs adapt holidays to match in-game lore, like SWTOR’s “Life Day” around Christmas, or Shadow of the Mad King in Guild Wars 2 at Halloween.

Do Holidays Belong in Black Desert Online?

For whatever reason, though, the localization team for Black Desert Online has chosen to not bother giving holidays their own in-game spin. On top of that, the design of BDO puts a greater emphasis on being an immersive virtual world than most other MMOs. There’s no fast travel, day/night cycles have an impact on your surroundings (night is legitimately dark), and it’s entirely possible for players to over fish an area until it gives up nothing but fish skeletons. Your workers won’t even start a new job until the boss comes back online!

It’s part of the game’s charm, and a big unique selling point, but it makes these holiday events particularly stand out as being… from another world. It’s hard to maintain my immersion when I’m given green beer and fireworks and wished a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, or when the landscape is suddenly dotted with colorful decorated eggs.

Then again, this is the game where someone can stand around town wearing a giant fish costume, so I guess we can’t worry TOO much about “realism.”


It’s Easter Time!

Whether you’re a fan of in-game holiday events or not, Easter has come to Black Desert Online. The events run until April 6, 2016.

For those inclined to spend real money, the Dye Box Bundle is on sale in the cash shop during this time for 80 pearls (usually 120). Each bundle contains three random dyes.

Outside of the game, Daum is holding a “painting” competition on their official forum. Players should create their version of a Black Spirit Egg using only MS Paint, and add it to this thread along with their character and server name. Participation will earn you three Random Dye Boxes, and you can only participate once per account.

Of course, there’s a matching in-game event for Easter as well! For two weeks, players can find collectible Easter Eggs. Eggs may drop from monsters, gathering, can be fished up, or can just be hanging out in nooks and crannies in the world. (More on this later.)

A Guide to Easter Egg Gathering

There are five types of eggs: Rainbow, Raindrop, Life, Star, and Black Spirit Eggs.

Black Spirit Eggs are only available from a repeatable quest available in Heidel, Calpheon, or Velia. You complete the quest by turning in 10 of the other egg types. Eating a Black Spirit Egg gives you a special buff that gives you +2 to casting, attacking, gathering, luck, fishing, moving, and critical for 20 minutes.

There are also small buffs from eating the other four types of eggs: Rainbow gives +1 luck, Raindrop gives +1 fishing, Star gives +1 gathering, and Life refills your HP/MP. That being said, you probably want to save these eggs for the rest of the event!

Star eggs come from gathering. Life eggs drop from killing monsters. Raindrop eggs can be harvested through fishing. Rainbow eggs have a small chance of dropping from any of the above methods.


You can also find special eggs out and about in the world. These lootable eggs can actually contain up to five individual eggs, depending on their type, and respawn in roughly 10 minutes. You are most likely to find Rainbow eggs by exploring the world, with Raindrop being the second most likely.

Dulfy’s guide for the event lists a number of specific world locations where you can find the eggs. For those who don’t want full spoilers.. well, let’s just say that you’ll probably have to do some climbing, sailing, and spelunking to find all of them. As of writing this article, Dulfy has identified 31 different egg spawn locations, with the strong possibility of there being a few more yet to be located. Still, that’s not many!

Generally, players report getting ample Life and Rainbow eggs without having to deviate too much from their usual playtime activities.

So why do you want these eggs, anyway? One word: furniture!


You can turn in 40 of the same egg to one of the city quest givers to earn a piece of holiday furniture.

  • 40 Star eggs will reward you an Easter Egg Pot, worth 35 interior points once placed.
  • 40 Life eggs will reward you an Easter Egg Table Décor, worth 25 interior points once placed
  • 40 Raindrop eggs will reward you an Easter Egg Chandelier, worth 100 interior points once placed
  • 40 Rainbow eggs will reward you an Easter Egg Basket, worth 25 interior points once placed

Each of the quests can only be completed once per account.

Of particular note is the Easter Egg Chandelier – lighting is a real problem for new, or poor players, because it’s hard to enjoy your home or do your cooking and alchemy in the dark! Chandeliers are at best about 30,000 silvers from a vendor in Calpheon, or much more than that on the Marketplace. If you do nothing else during the Easter event, it might be worth your while to collect 40 Raindrop eggs from fishing.

So perhaps real world holidays feel a little shoehorned into the world of Black Desert Online, or perhaps you enjoy getting the Easter spirit on while playing your favorite MMO. Either way, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: furniture is awesome.

What holiday do you want to see highlighted next in Black Desert Online? Let us know in the comments!

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