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What Dog is your Favorite MMORPG NPC

Have you heard about what-dog.net yet? It’s all the rage right now on social media. The idea is simple enough, upload an image and it will identify the breed of dog. Of course people have been using it on things other than dogs like themselves, their friends, and even politicians. So we thought it would be fun on this stormy Friday to try it out on our favorite NPCs! We picked just a few from the games we’re currently playing in the office.

If my boss is reading this I promise it isn’t a way to excuse the many hours I spent uploading photos. I was doing research.



Hildibrand Manderville – Final Fantasy XIV

Hildibrand Manderville Dog Favorite MMORPG NPC


Unknown Beautiful Black Desert Online Woman – Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Dog



Eir Stegalkin – Guild Wars 2

Eir Stegalkin Dog



Sylvanas Windrunner – World of Warcraft

Sylvanas Dog



Asha Catari – Rift

Asha Catari Dog



Rytlock Brimstone – Guild Wars 2

Rytlock Brimstone Dog



I got to the end and realized I hadn’t included any cat people! Charr to the rescue! I have to say, I think it did a pretty okay job of judging these characters. What do you think? If you enjoyed these come back tomorrow when the MMOGames team puts their characters in. Want to be included? Send us a screenshot of your character to contact@mmogames.com!

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