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Heroes of the Dorm: Groups C and D Best of 16 Recap

Day 3 of Heroes of the Dorm started off bright and early at 6 AM PST since Blizzard wanted coverage of each game from the best of 16 games to the end of the tournament.

Already though, the bracket looks completely different than it did after the stream ended last weekend. Team Ambush from Harvard was disqualified on Wednesday the 24th after an investigation revealed that they brought an illegal participant to play on another player’s battle net account and have been disqualified. In their place, Cal Berkley moved forward and played against Indiana Purdue offline for the Bo32 match before beating them in a 2-0 match.

Here’s what happened in Groups C and D for the tournament bracket.

Heroes of the Dorm Group C:

Game one Tomb of the Spider queen saw UCONN build into a gathering power Zeratul, a high risk high reward play style which makes the character extremely potent if he survives throughout the match. Though they were considered the underdogs in this matchup, OSU played well in the early game getting good value out of their web weavers and putting enough pressure on UCONN to keep them reactive. Even during the initial team fights, OSU managed to hold their own and trade evenly with UCONN, but as the mid game began to unfold UCONN’s ability to isolate OSU’s team members with sunder and void prison began to pick the Buckeye’s apart. Before long they had a talent tier advantage and were able to inflict significant structural damage on their opponent. OSU was unable to make up the difference and slowly got ground out of this fight.

Game two was the only match on Dragon Shire today, and saw OSU switch up their comp a bit by prioritizing Thrall, Lunara, and Greymane to lay down a serious amount of damage on their opponent. This forced UCONN to go double support with Uther and Tyrande while relying on ETC, Zagara, and Valla for lockdown and control of their opponents in the late game.

OSU came out with even trades into their opponent, but was able to secure an early Dragon Knight by distracting UCONN at their siege camp. Since it was an early DK, not a whole lot was able to be accomplished but it did provide level experience lead into level 10 for the heroics heroic talents. The game continued to be extremely even throughout the mid game, with good maws and mosh pits allowing UCONN to pick up the second DK and OSU countering by picking UCONN’s team apart whenever they separated.

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The match stretched into the late and very late game as a real nail biter since neither team could find an advantage over the other. Finally, OSU split under the vision of UCONN’s creep tumors and got picked off by an opportune mosh pit from UCONN’s ETC. While OSU reacted to a bad situation perfectly, it was not enough and UCONN gathered a very late Dragon Knight before eking out a win against OSU to shut them out 2-0. OSU should be a team to watch next year.

The returning champions from last year’s Heroes of the Dorm came out into this observable match with Uther, Thrall, Tassadar, Stitches, and Kael’thas against San Jose St’s Xul, Zagara, Diablo, Falstad, and Rehgar. San Jose St started out with a change to talents by taking Backlash over the usual Shade on Xul, demonstrating their willingness to play aggressively in this round.

Between the Diablo aggression and the Stitches hook, both teams attempted to go for a number of kills on one another but were unable to meet with much success in the early game. The members of both teams worked together to ensure that the intended victims of were able to escape safely with clutch heals, peels, and other deterrents.

San Jose began to pull away in the mid game, getting a kill on UC’s Thrall while he was carrying a significant number of gems before getting a wave of web weavers that destroyed all of UC’s remaining forts. UC caught back up when a massive team fight led to a wipe of San Jose St after pairing Stitches’ Bile ult with Kael’thaes’ chain bomb.

The late game saw a series of incredible team fights that did not give a decisive advantage for either team until UC was able to overcome San Jose with Uther’s Redemption talent at 20 when Diablo did not have the souls needed to resurrect. UC Berkley limped to victory after killing four members of the enemy team.

Game two on Sky Temple saw San Jose run Li Ming, Falstad, Sonya, Diablo, and Malfurion against UC’s Thrall, Zagara, Uther, Muradin, and Raynor. Both teams capitalized on players out of position due to the composition: Diablo combining Overpower with Malfurion’s roots for SJS and the stuns and roots of Uther, Thrall, and Muradin instantly locking down any one out of position. San Jose kept finding themselves in a position where Malfurion had to use Tranquility, but not during team fights. This allowed UC to take a slight advantage in the mid and late game.

Excellent divine shield plays by UC’s Uther and poor positioning by the San Jose’s Falstad led to some serious losses in late game team fights and UC Berkley finished off SJS with a two level advantage. UC Berkley moves onto the Epic Eight 2-0.

Here’s what the C group bracket looked like at the end of the day:


Group D

In the first broadcasted game of the favored Arizona State University for this year’s competition, UPENN had their work cut out for them.

Round one was Tomb of the Spider Queen where Arizona State decided to play with Zagara, Li Ming, Muradin, Sonya, and Brightwing. PENN decided to counter using double support with Tassadar and Rehgar, Johanna and Thrall in the front line, and Valla as ranged damage. Arizona State took the lead early with excellent soak and got significant value out of their web weavers. Their double web weaver waves pushed in the lanes against PENN far enough to threaten keeps within the first 9 minutes of the game. There was not anything dramatic about the way they played, no massive team fights or cheesy plays, they just ground PENN down.

Of notable plays from PENN’s team was their player Erternal, who demonstrated their abilities to land Valla’s Rain of Vengeance so effectively that she gave ASU pause and forced them to react to her.

In the end though, ASU jogged to victory in game one without breaking a sweat.

Game 2 on Sky Temple saw ASU prioritize Falstad, Uther, Xul, Valla, and Johanna against PENN’s Li-Ming, Sonya, Muradin, Raynor, and Tyrande. Again, ASU demonstrated very robust fundamentals: soaking, mercenary timing, and skill shots which gave them an increase in experience despite being killed three times in the early game.

This advantage was maximized during the second temple when they took advantage of a gap in PENN’s defenses to gain a quadruple kill which increased their experience lead. As this lead ASU continued to grow, PENN tried to make plays happen at the boss, mercenary camps, and objectives but the Mighty Gusts from Falstad (Michael Udall) picked PENN apart, resulting in several team wipes and a three level advantage for ASU by the time the fourth temple started. PENN attempted to catch ASU out of position one last time before they hit level 20, but frustratingly ASU did not oblige. With a four level advantage that left nothing to chance, ASU shut out PENN 2-0.

It was as boring to watch as it was unsatisfying.

The first round of this match up was on Tomb of the Spider Queen and had a draft where a number of favored warriors got banned out, forcing East Carolina to bring out Anub’arak. Minnesota strengthened their front line with Stitches, Thrall, and Kharazim to counter any potential cocoon play while grabbing Sylvanas to increase the potency of the web weavers.

East Carolina backed up their unconventional Anub’arak play with a double support comp of Tyrande and Rehgar while bringing in Valla and Greymane to provide significant poke damage. Minnesota’s strong wave clear kept East Carolina on the back foot in the early game and mitigated early web weaver waves that East Carolina managed to capture.

The first major team fight took place at level ten while East Carolina briefly had heroics while their opponents did not. A solid cocoon and Starfall allowed kills on Stitches and Sylvanas to be secured and another web weaver wave to be called down but with little structural effect. East Carolina managed to take several good engagements anticipating Minnesota’s reactions in order to maximize the use of their Heroic abilities, but Minnesota made up the difference by catching East Carolina out of position.

East Carolina’s reactions to the Stitches hooks were perfect, often resulting in deaths among Minnesota’s team. Minnesota was never able to materialize any sort of resistance whenever East Carolina stood together and they were quickly defeated once East Carolina got their storm talents at level 20.

Sky Temple was map two and was the favored map for both teams. East Carolina decided to roll out the Anub’arak again while Minnesota left Stitches on the bench in favor of Muradin. This proved to be beneficial as they also brought in Sylvannas and Lunara, which allowed them to pair Unstable Affliction and Unfair Advantage together to deal massive amounts of damage against East Carolina who only brought Rehgar to the party. This damage and Thrall’s Sunder gave Minnesota excellent team fights, which they rode to victory.

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The ace match on Battlefield of Eternity saw East Carolina bring out Diablo and Stitches as a front line to counter Muradin and Thrall from Minnesota. Greymane and Valla were also present on East Carolina’s roster to follow up on the grab potential of their warriors. Minnesota countered by relying on Brightwing’s Peek-a-bo- talent and Zagara’s creep spread to see hooks coming. Initially, the Greymane and Valla damage of East Carolina was edging out Minnesota’s damage on the Immortal, so Minnesota went for a team fight to allow for a more decisive victory on the objective. While the initial plan worked, an over extension by Minnesota to finish off weakened Carolina members resulted in a well-placed Stitches hook and Diablo Apocalypse to wipe out most of Minnesota, giving them the momentum needed for two additional team wipes and a pair of fully shielded immortals to victory.

Here’s what the Group D bracket looked like at the end of the day:


East Carolina advances 2-1 to the Epic Eight.

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