Starcraft 2 An Introduction: Zerg

If you play games at all, or have an internet connection (both of which I’m sure you do), then you’ll know at least a little bit about the ever-changing, ever-so-fun game that is Starcraft 2.

Starcraft 2, for those a little behind the times, is an RTS from Blizzard Entertainment, which has gained immense international popularity and support. The original Starcraft was a huge hit in Korea, with people often labelling it the ‘Official Sport of Korea’.

It a game that can be delved into in a multitude of ways, and as such has a very wide appeal and almost unlimited replay value. Though, the faint of heart may want to steer clear of the ladders, as online competition here is as fast and as furious as they come. Luckily, for those wanting a more relaxed experience, there is an elaborate single player campaign—with expansions on the horizon—as well as a massive collection of community-made game modes and maps.

There are three races in Starcraft; the swarming Zerg aliens, the super-advanced Protoss race, and resourceful Terrans (humans).

I’d like to focus today on Zerg, the so-ugly-they’re-beautiful race of alien ‘bugs’, ruled by a cunning hive mind and hell-bent on universal domination.

Units of the Zerg:

The Queen 

The queen is a lumbering, multiple-limbed beast that is absolutely essential to your swarm. Queens have the ability to spawn additional larva from your base (Hatchery), allowing you to build much more units than you would without. Queens attack both air and ground, although their ground attack is quite weak. Providing you have an adequate amount of Queens, they are quite effective early-game in fending of any air attacks. They can also be used to block of your ramp to prevent pesky opponents from scouting your base.
On top of these abilities, the Queen also possesses the power to ‘Transfuse’ units, healing them, or to plant down creep tumours, excreting goo on the ground that maximizes all Zerg units movement whilst on it.
The Drone

The Drone is your basic worker unit, capable of not much besides harvesting minerals and gas to fuel your economy. Although extremely limited in combat, these units are needed in great number if you hope to achieve victory. Surpass your opponents economy and play it smart, and you’re pretty much guaranteed victory.
The Zergling

Zerglings spawn in pairs, but are relatively weak in small numbers. However, obtain a large amount of Zerglings and you’ll discover the true meaning of The Swarm. Zerglings are fast melee-based units with low health, and have a relatively low build time.
Zerglings can be upgraded at your Spawning Pool, into Speedlings, which are exponentially faster, allowing them to gain that essential surround on your opponent army.
These are but a few of the units available to Zerg, and mastery of these will put you well on the way to ladder supremacy.
Stay tuned to MMOGames for more Starcraft 2 articles and more in-depth strategems in the future. And if you aren’t already playing, start!
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