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WoW Wednesday: Lucid Nightmare

Blizzard really outdid themselves with the Lucid Nightmare puzzle. The players that figured it all out are unbelievable. Even with a Discord channel filled with hundreds of people, it took a few days to complete, even I had no idea where any of these clues led. Even though the Lucid Nightmare isn’t my favorite mount, it was an extremely fun journey from beginning to end. If you’re up to the task, here’s how to get the purple unicorn mount known as the Lucid Nightmare.

First Note

In Dalaran (Broken Isles), there is an Inconspicuous Note that reads: “It begins in the 2104059. With a most pleasing sign.” You will find this note inside the building shown in the picture below where the player arrow is. The seven numbers in the first line are an anagram for a date: 2009-4-15. This date was the release date of Ulduar, so off we headed to Ulduar. You must activate this note to proceed.

Lucid Nightmare

Second Note

Once inside Ulduar you must kill Flame Leviathan and XT-002 Deconstructor. A Dusty Lever can be found on a pile of scrap in the far-left corner of XT’s room. When activated, a 20 by 20 grid of lights appears on the floor of the room. Each light can be individually toggled by the player. The lights must be toggled into the sigil of Mimiron (It looks somewhat like a cogwheel). Once completed, all the lights will disappear and four red lights with another Inconspicuous Note will appear in the center of the room, which reads as follows: “1000 years imprisoned. Surely it weighs on the mind”. This note will lead us to the Vault of C’Thun, in the Temple of Ahn’Quiraj (AQ40), which was sealed 1000 years ago according to the lore.

Lucid Nightmare

Third Note

Once in AQ40, I’m not sure if you have to clear every boss or if you can just run to the end, but just to be safe I cleared the entire raid. There is a side path beyond the final boss room that holds C’Thun. In that room, you will find a Larva on an altar. Activating the Larva will begin a Bejeweled-style mini-game on an 8 by 8 grid floating in front of you (best seen if scrolled into first-person). If you haven’t played this style of game before, symbols can be swapped with their horizontal or vertical neighbors, and if that swap forms a row or column of at least 3 identical symbols, the matched symbols are removed from the grid. No one knows for sure what the exact win conditions are. I have won by matching five in a row, and also just by playing until randomly spawning the third note. Either way, it’s just safer to keep playing until the note has spawned. Upon winning the game, the third Inconspicuous Note will appear next to the Larva on the altar. It reads: “Deeper than deep. Awaits your seat.”

Lucid Nightmare

Fourth Note

The riddle geniuses figured out that we had to head to Deepholm for this clue. Head to a cave in the northeast corner of Deepholm which contains a “dark fissure” only visible to players who have completed the previous step. Clicking it will alert the player that there is no exit before allowing you to enter. Inside is a single stone chair. There is a skull neatly placed on the seat, along with a Dingy Plaque on its back. The Plaque reads: “<The plaque is old and barely legible. You can only make out fragments of each line of text.> Supremacy? Get… Shirk… … eke . . .” This was the clue that halted the riddle community for a little over a day. I won’t go into detail on how they figured it out, but somehow someone figured out that it was another anagram. After lots of mumbo jumbo, the clue ended up reading: “RACKSUM GREEP IS THE KEY.” Racksum Greep is a goblin NPC in Ratchet, who can be found at coordinates (69,70).

What makes Racksum Greep the key is that he is wearing the craftable Shadoweave Mask necessary to progress. While the pattern for the mask was removed in a prior expansion, as of patch 7.3, the pattern now drops from Dark Iron Dwarves in Searing Gorge. If you are a Tailor you can either farm or purchase the recipe to make for yourself, but the mats are also pretty pricey at this time. So again, you can farm the mats yourself, which doesn’t take long at all, or purchase the mask off the auction house for a good chunk of gold.

Make sure to have the mask and equip it before you go to the dark fissure in Deepholm (if you forget and are having trouble, just /reload). With the mask equipped you will be able to interact with the skull on the chair which causes a large purple explosion to happen, spawning the fourth Inconspicuous Note at the foot of the chair which reads: “Where the shaded delegate may appear”. This was pretty simple to figure out for the master riddlers. The shaded delegate is a reference to a rare spawn called the Dark Iron Ambassador, who may appear in Gnomeregan.

Lucid Nightmare

Fifth Note

After interacting with the fourth Inconspicuous Note, a set of 10 consoles becomes interactable in Gnomeregan, on the Launch Bay floor of the dungeon map, between the Launch Bay and Engineering Labs. I won’t be much help with this one as my dungeon was bugged, forcing me to invite a friend to unlock the next note for me. Near the levers is a plaque with a bunch of binary instructions on it. Again, with how much binary and other numbers that were involved with the instructions I have no idea how these players solved this clue. I’m going to skip to the solution instead of trying to explain all the math that was involved. According to the WoW General Secret Finding Discord, setting the consoles to “1222176597” by repeatedly interacting with them causes the fifth Inconspicuous Note to spawn, which reads: “Games and toys are left behind. When you awaken screaming.” Somehow this was interpreted as a clue towards Val’Sharah.

Lucid Nightmare

Sixth Note

At coordinates (66, 36) in Val’Sharah, there is an interactable Nightmare Tumor. Activating the Tumor causing the Old God Il’gynoth to appear, and say: “AL’KSH SYQ IIR AWAN? IILTH SYTHN AQEV.” Translated from Shath’yar, the language of the Old Gods: “Is this real or an illusion? You are going mad.” Clicking the Tumor activates a mini-game, giving you a jumbled mess to untangle. There are randomly-positioned points, which are each connected to two other points by line segments. Any two points can be swapped, moving their attached line segments with them. Line segments that do not intersect any others are colored blue, while those that do intersect are red. The object of the mini-game is to turn all of the line segments blue. Example down below. Once all the lines have turned blue, the sixth Inconspicuous Note appears in front of the Tumor: “What you seek is buried within.”

Lucid Nightmare

Seventh Note

Here is where the Nightmare in Lucid Nightmare comes in. At coordinates (53, 49) of Kun-Lai Summit, an urn of ashes sits at the base of a Mogu Statue. Interacting with the urn gives an option to consume the ashes. Selecting this option brings up a prompt: “WARNING: You are about to consume the ashes of an evil sorcerer. There is no way to tell what will happen. Are you VERY sure you want to do this?” When you click accept, you will be teleported to a square room in the Endless Halls, containing an altar and four doorways. Some rooms may have doorways blocked by rubble.

This is a randomly-generated maze puzzle. To navigate the maze, I highly recommend that you draw a map to keep track of your progress. To complete this maze, you will have to find five different colored orbs, then find the same colored rune in a totally different room and match them together. This was a nightmare to do. I finished in just under an hour with the help of mapping it out, but there is a bit of fun reading the general chat seeing how long players have been in there and some slowly losing their minds. After matching the final orb to its rune, you must leave that room, you will then be brought to a new room with the seventh Inconspicuous Note lying on the altar reading: “The way is now open. To the greatest secret never told. A fitting end to your journey.” This will bring you to the Forgotten Crypt of Karazhan.

Lucid Nightmare

The Lucid Nightmare

The Forgotten Crypt is located behind the graveyard at Karazhan, at coordinates (37, 75). Deep inside you’ll find a large mound of bones, sitting on top is a box, opening it sets off fireworks sound effects and yields the Lucid Nightmare mount.

Lucid Nightmare

I personally loved watching this riddle be solved. Keeping a close eye on the discord made this extremely fun for me. I hope Blizzard continues with this sort of thing in the future. Good luck on getting your Lucid Nightmare and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

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