Albion Online Reveals Royal Expeditionary Forces Lore

As closed beta approaches the team behind Albion Online is giving us a bit of background into the world they’re opening up for us. It’s written by fantasy author Peter Newman who is writing the very first Albion Online novel.

The Royal Expeditionary Forces are a group sent to Albion to secure a foothold on the coast, giving newcomers somewhere to land before they set off into the wild. They are divided into four sub-factions; The Royal Army, The Royal Stewards, The Royal Foragers, and The Royal Artisans. Each faction plays a very specific role.

Albion Online Royal Expeditionary Force

The Royal Army are, as you would expect the protectors of the land. Wearing shiny new armor they’re charged with patrolling the safe zone and enforcing the laws of the land. They aren’t afraid to get in a fight.

The Royal Stewards are the ones who move goods across Albion and even to the Old World, operating shipping routes along the coast as well as sending caravans throughout the safe zone.

The Royal Foragers are out to find the resources Albion has to offer then strip the land free of them before moving on again. It is said that good money can be made by venturing into dangerous zones to collect resources then selling them to The Royal Foragers.

The Royal Artisans are never seen outside the cities. They prefer to stay in the safety where they can practice their craft be it creating sculptures or building tents.


For a little more information on The Royal Expeditionary Forces or Albion online head over to the official site.


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