Arcade Racing MMO Tales Runner unveils new events

Tales Runner; Send Flowers To My Momma!

Sunnyvale, CA- April 08, 2010 – TalesRunner, a fantasy casual MMO, has proudly prepared a very special gift for you, and to your surprise, your mother! For those who may be broke or simply too young to make money to buy nice gifts for their mothers, Tales Runner prepared an event where players can send flowers to their mothers  to celebrate this year Mother Day.
In order to win this special Mother Day flowers, players just have to log in and play every day for a month, starting from April 8 till May 5. On this Mother Day, 10 lucky winners will see beautiful flowers delivered right to their mother hands!
For this coming Mother Day, play Tales Runner to become a cool son and daughter! 
The mother day flower is not the only gift that the game is offering.  Players who log in and play for 5 races will receive the following prizes. 
3 Days = Loud Speaker
5 Days = Pyro’s Whisper
10 Days = Red Scarf 
15 Days = Flamingo Tube 
20 Days = Master Ninja Scarf 
25 Days = Billie Jeans 7 Days
28 Days = 1 Golden Hammer 

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