ArcheAge: Guild Changes in Heroes Awaken

Guilds in ArcheAge are about to change, people, so you better be prepared for it. In Update 2.0 – Heroes Awaken, guilds will have more to do together, and more to earn, than ever before.

Restructuring your Guild

The first big change to the guild system, is that the maximum amount of adventurers in a single guild is now 100. This change has been made in order to provide balance – both between guilds in our new Guild Dominion system and in our new guild leveling mechanics.

On September 12th, all guilds must adhere to this new member cap. New Evolution Servers will see their guilds temporarily disbanded. You’ll need to reform your guilds under the new Update 2.0 100 adventurer cap. Fresh Start Servers will launch with the 2.0 and the 100 adventurers limit. And last, Legacy Servers will see all their guild members temporarily removed from their guilds. The leader will remain in the guild and will be able to invite up to 100 players back into the guild. There will be rules that prevent guild hopping, but these won’t go into effect until guilds have been stabilized.

Recruiting More Allies

With Update 2.0, recruiting and advertising your guild to the wider community has never been easier! Guilds can now choose to advertise within the game’s Guild Search function, and guild leaders can now view and manage membership applications from those who are interested.


After paying a small fee, guilds can fill out a recruitment form that specifies their interest and leave a message up to 100 characters long. This Guild Recruiting notice will be listed for 3 days if you pay 10 gold, or 9 days for 20 gold.

Adventurers who respond to the recruitment posting can send a short message that will be placed into a guild’s “pending applications” section. Guild leaders can then review the applications and approve those who make the cut or deny those who don’t. Any guild can have up to 50 pending applications at once, and you may have up to 100 adventurers in your guild.

Rising Through the Ranks

With new allies at your side, guilds will now be able to gain experience and rise through brand new Guild Levels. Each level offers additional passive bonuses that all members of the guild can take advantage of, and leveling also unlocks new items for purchase in the Guild Prestige Shop.

Guilds can gain experience by completing special guild quests, when a guild member levels up between levels 10 and 55, when the guild participates in sieges, and when the guild is involved in a Diminion declaration. Wins in sieges and Dominions will obviously offer more experience than losses.


Guilds will gain the following bonuses by leveling up:

  • Guild Level 1: Tahyang’s Energy – Increases Dash speed +15%.
  • Guild Level 2: Aranzeb’s Energy – Includes Tahyang’s Energy bonus and increases XP earned +7%.
  • Guild Level 3: Ollo’s Energy – Includes Aranzeb’s Energy bonuses and increases loot drop rate +7%.
  • Guild Level 4: Naima’s Energy – Includes Ollo’s Energy bonuses and decreases cooldown for Recall -15%, decreases Recall cast time -7%.
  • Guild Level 5: Inoch’s Energy – Includes Naima’s Energy bonuses and Increases Honor Points +250 on jury’s verdict.
  • Guild Level 6: Lucius’s Energy – Includes Inoch’s Energy bonuses and temporarily increases Glider speed when using skills like Glider Nitro and Somersault.
  • Guild Level 7: Kyprosa’s Energy – Includes Lucius’s Energy bonuses and decreases ships/vehicle summoning cast time -20%.
  • Guild Level 8: Eanna’s Energy – Includes Kyprosa’s Energy bonuses and decreases Rebirth Trauma -1min.

You can spend Prestige points in the Guild Prestige shop for a bunch of unique items, such as Guild Flares to summon guild members to a marked location, and much more!


Dominions are sanctioned conflicts that will not be interrupted by the guards of Erenor and can take place anywhere, even in Peace Zones. Only Mirage Isle, Trials, Prisons, Mistmerrow, and Arenas are safe from the influence of a Guild Dominion.

Any guild that is above level 3 can issue a war against any other guild above level 3 that’s not protected by Dominion Protection status. Once war is declared, both sides will become red enemies for one hour. At the end of the hour, whichever guild has more kills will be declared the victor. If neither side scores 10 kills, the war is considered a draw. Both winning and losing guilds will receive guild experience and Prestige points, with the winning guild receiving more.


During the Dominion, no bloodstains are generated and your Hostile Faction Kills will increase, but you will not be able to earn Honor Points through kills. Guilds will also not be able to accept new members, guild members won’t be able to leave, and kills from members added to participating guilds just prior to the war will not count. These newly added players will also be attacked by guards in safe zones if they start a fight, as normal.

Dominions can be declared up to three times per day against the same guild. After the third war is fought, the guild will receive Dominion Protection status, which will protect them from further fights. Dominion Protection is removed every night at 12am server time.

War isn’t cheap, however, and declaring Dominion against another guild will cost the attacking guild gold.

  • The first fight in a day costs 100 gold to declare.
  • The second fight costs 500 gold.
  • The third fight costs 2500 gold.

Are you ready for the changes to the guild system in ArcheAge? Because we certainly are!

Source: Trion Worlds Official Website

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