Battleborn’s Bad Guy: “You Are Going to Die”

The team over at 2K has sent out a nice message from Lothar Rendain, the newly revealed antagonist of Battleborn.

“Nothing can save you from what’s coming; you are going to die.”

The latest video reveal for Battleborn is essentially a speech from the game’s designated bad guy. A slight look into the background story for the game was given, which includes an all-consuming void that is coming for the last star. Clearly, the heroes are residents of the last star and don’t want to become part of the void. Lothar Rendain seems like he couldn’t care less, and his only message to you is to die in whatever way you see fit.

“An epic science-fantasy story is only as good as its villain, and Gearbox has a strong pedigree of creating memorable, misunderstood villains that players love to hate. Rendain is one such villain, and while this thoughtful tyrant is dedicated to his cause, he thinks that what he’s doing is for a good reason, and that reason isn’t entirely selfish. And of course, staying true to the studio’s way of telling stories, even Battleborn’s bad guy is infused with Gearbox’s trademark humor!”

It’s likely that bits and pieces of Battleborn’s story will continued to be revealed over the course of a next few months. Of course, we’ll all have to wait until the game’s official launch on February 9, 2016, before we can actually get a chance to play through the Story Mode ourselves.

Source: Gearbox

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