Crayon Shin Chan Online?

This one certainly a surprise.

After a couple of months

since Yoshito Usui tragic passing, Crayon Shin Chan has been on a roll. First, the series will be handled by a new mangaka and will continue its run up until February

2010. Second, and the latest news to come this way, is the development of an online adaptation of this famous series.

Last December 28th, Korean-

based game publisher, WindySoft has entered into an agreement with Daewon Media to publish the soon-to-be Crayon Shin Chan Online. The game, of course, is based on Crayon Shin

Chan exploits from the anime and manga series. The online adaptation is said to be a casual game filled with amusing content and easy-to-learn operations. Strangely, no

one from Japan (publishers of the anime or manga, or anyone handling the copyright of Shin Chan) were in the loop regarding this arrangement.

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