E3 2015: Sony Press Conference

Monday evening the E3 festivities concluded with the Sony Press Conference.  With the earlier strong showing from Microsoft, it was safe to say we were interested in seeing precisely what Sony had up their sleeve.  As always we here at MMOGames are focused on bringing you news about new and interesting multiplayer online gaming experiences.  While the Sony conference was primarily focused on traditional single player console experiences, there were a handful of gems worth discussing.


No Man’s Sky


Originally announced at the 2014 E3 conference, No Man’s Sky has been a title to watch.  The scale of the game as originally announced was staggering, and it has been questionable if developer Hello Games would be able to deliver on the scope.  This year instead of a highly polished demo reel Sean Murray opted to simply show us the game in its present state with some live gameplay.  Over the course of the demo we were able to see some of the real time space battles that happen between warring NPC factions.  It was mentioned that as players we will be able to help out in these battles if we one, choosing one side or another.  From the space battles we were shown the galaxy map interface that allows your ship to warp between star systems.  Each point of light representing a single star system, with its own sun and planets, and as Murray zoomed out we could see literally thousands of these star systems.  In a side comment he mentioned that likely some of the systems that are generated will never actually be visited by players.  From here he chose a planet at random and explained how exploration is based on locating beacons throughout the universe and uploading your discoveries there.  These discoveries are then tagged to your account and you are given credit for them.  Apparently every element on every planet is fully destructible, and the planets all have their own ecosystems with indigenous life, as well as sentinels that guard the planet from would be explorers.  The game will represent a huge seamless multiplayer sandbox world where players can choose their own free form path focusing on elements of exploration, combat, survival and trade.  The release date was not given, but Murray mentioned that it would be announced soon.




This next title was a little less clearly defined but it seems like it might shape up to be an interesting multiplayer experience.  Dreams by Media Molecule is a game that asks players to create “living paintings” these are then shared with your friends and allow them to interact with them, remix the elements and incorporate them in their own creations.  While this all sounds somewhat confusing, they are apparently in the early stages of designing the multiplayer experience.  This seems like it is going to be an interactive creative sandbox, something akin to Minecraft on creative mode but with more artistic freedom.  The question is will there actually be a game here, or will it simply be a multiplayer interactive art experiment.  At the Paris Games Expo they expect to release more finite details about the game.


Destiny The Taken King


Finally we were treated to the world premiere of the trailer for the new Destiny expansion The Taken King.  The expansion is centered around the battle between the guardians and Oryx the entity that The Hive worship as a god.  During the course of the events of the previous expansion packs, the player takes down Crota the son of Oryx.  Now “The Taken King” is out for revenge.  This expansion will be sold as a digital download for players who already have the game at the $39.95 price point, or it will also be sold in a new stand along Legendary edition for $59.95 that comes with the original game, The Taken King expansion and the two current expansion packs:  The Dark Below and House of Wolves.  The expansion ships September 15th of 2015 and will feature PlayStation exclusive content at launch.

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