EVE Online 119.5 Adds Blood Raider Ships and PLEX Adjustments

The Blood Raider Covenant is getting a whole lot of new toys with the release of New Eden 119.5 today. Three new hard-hitting pirate ships are entering the battlefield, along with other features for players to enjoy.

eve online 119.5

The new update brings three Blood Raider craft to New Eden: the Dagon support vessel, the Molok supercapital, and the Chemosh dreadnought. These ships have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is the new Blood Raider Shipyards. Assaulting these locations will not be easy, but those who are successful can be richly rewarded with blueprints for the new capital-class ships.

Update 119.5 will also introduce previously discussed tweaks to PLEX, the ability to let players gift store items to others, and a host of other small quality-of-life additions. Full details can be read on the official site.

Our Thoughts

We’re curious how EVE players will use the new Blood Raider hardware in their own personal engagements with others. A lot of the vampiric energy-draining features of this new fleet could certainly spell trouble for those who don’t have the right countermeasures. Which…really kind of describes the entire combat experience of EVE Online in a nutshell, doesn’t it?

Source: official site

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