EVE Online Now Selling Video Cards For PLEX

EVE Online is a subscription-based, sci-fi sandbox MMOG developed and published by CCP. Recently at Fanfest 2012, CCP announced that they have teamed up with NVIDIA to try something completely new and never before seen in the games industry. The two companies are selling GeForce GTX560 video cards for PLEX, the monthly game card for EVE which can be bought with real money or currency earned entirely in-game.

MMO Games EVE Online Space Station Screenshot

The first batch will consist of 100 video cards and will cost a player 20 PLEX. This initial limited run is essentially to test if it will work, being something that is new and untested there could be some issues. CCP and NVIDIA have already stated that they aren’t sure what the tax man in each country is going to say, but that hasn’t phased them in the slightest and they are ready to tackle any problems that may arise. Basically CCP and NVIDIA are saying, “Yeah we could get in trouble, but f**k it, let’s do it anyways”.

Buying these cards is limited to one per account, and for good reason. Veteran players of EVE can buy these cards purely with currency they earned in-game without breaking a sweat. CCP is going to be spending time evaluating this innovative offer, both cautiously watching the real-world implications and the effect that this could quite possibly have on the EVE economy in-game. So what’s stopping you? Do you have a spare 20 PLEX lying around? Get yourself a “free” video card!

Visit the official EVE Online site to find out more!

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