Evolve Launches with Huge 3 GB Patch

Turtle Rock Studios has released its asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve today. Fans of the game will be surprised to see it launching with a major patch. The update is over 3GB in size and contains a lot of balance and stability changes. Other new additions include the elite skins where players can earn special skins by simply unlocking them while playing.
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“What can you really add to Evolve at this point? It’s already gone gold!” This question came up a lot over the course of the Open Beta weekend in January. Truth is, that long weekend was a big learning experience for us. As a result, on day one – before you even start your first match on the live servers – we’ve made a number of refinements through a day-one patch.

The size will vary depending upon your system, but it’s about 3GB and contains the following improvements that will make your Evolve experience even better. So, before you go planet-side, make sure to grab this update. Here’s a quick hit list of what’s inside it:

this update comes from lessons learned in the Big Alpha and Open Beta. We aren’t stopping here. As we make improvements to the game – and we will


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