Japanese Adult VR Festa Has High Attendance

The Adult VR Festa reported high attendance at the event’s premiere in Japan this past weekend. According to images shared on 2h (click through at your own risk), the first-ever adult VR tech event drew such high attendance that police were required to assist in crowd control.


Despite the shared images, it’s not made entirely clear whether or not the crowd were all in attendance to the event or were just drawn to the scene as onlookers. Regardless, the event has had enough success that the organizers are already planning for a second Festa in August. Within the show floor were a variety of stations set up for showgoers to…uhm…test the equipment. We’ll spare you the majority of the details in order to keep this story safe for work, but the show attendees were treated to myriad pieces of interactive tech which involved headsets accompanied by other pieces of equipment for the sake of experience.


Our Thoughts

Virtual reality being used for adult-oriented content is not terribly surprising, and the relationship Japan has with adult-oriented material meant this event was likely set up for success from the very start. With plans to continue in to August, we’re likely going to see more of this sort of thing “pop up” in the future.


Source: Kotaku

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