Las Vegas eSports Tournament Series Announced

A partnership has been announced that will bring a Las Vegas eSports tournament series to the SLS Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.


The partnership between SLS Hotel and Casino and Ultimate Media Ventures will spawn the Battle on the Strip, a monthly series of eSports tournaments that seeks to draw both amateur eSports players and top professional players, and promises to feature “industry leading prize pools” and a different IP from among leading competitive game titles every month. The SLS Casino will be exclusive host to these tournaments with semi-finals and finals being broadcast live from the Foundry venue. Specifics of games, broadcast dates, times and prize pools were not included in the press release, but further information will likely be announced as tournaments are arranged.

Vice president of Nightlife and Entertainment for SLS Matt Minichino stated his excitement for the venture and hopes to make the SLS Casino a regular venue for the growing eSports industry. “Competitive gaming represents the future of entertainment, and we are excited to partner with Ultimate Media Ventures to be the first to bring this incredibly unique experience to the Strip,” he stated in the release.

Our Thoughts

With EVO 2016 having come and gone from Las Vegas, we’re not entirely surprised that other casinos and venues in the city are looking to tap in to the eSports industry. A regular monthly series of tournaments sounds like a great way for SLS Casino to become an epicenter for digital competition, and we’re looking forward to seeing what sorts of tournaments will be coming to the location over the next several months.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the Battle on the Strip series? Would you want to watch or participate in a monthly eSports series? Do you think the SLS Casino is going to make a name for itself, or simply be swallowed by larger eSports events like EVO and The International? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Press release

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