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Lineage 2 Alien Invasion Event

NCsoft has announced this year’s Halloween event for Lineage 2. Wait, it’s not a Halloween event? Scratch that, Lineage II has announced their Alien Invasion event. Although not billed as a Holiday event, Alien Invasion coincidentally runs right through Halloween and ends on November 12th. It’s appreciated to see an event around this time of the year that isnt centered around real world holidays. Could this be NCsoft’s attempt at an “anti-halloween” event? Additional details on the event are listed below. For complete details on rewards and other important details, please check the official website.


Monsters in all hunting zones will drop Monster Research. Monster Research can also be purchased from the Lineage 2 store. However, when characters that are Awakened or have completed their 3rd liberation hunt monsters in lower-level hunting zones (below 85), no Monster Research books will be dropped for them.

You can then bring 100 Monster Research books to L2B2 and exchange them for Reward Capsules.

The Alien Researcher appears at a set rate in hunting zones for characters level 85 or higher. When the Alien Researcher appears, equip the Laser Gun and use the Pew Pew skill to attack. The Alien Researcher is not affected by normal attacks, and only the Pew Pew skill can deal damage. The Alien Researcher attacks the player when it is attacked, but the damage is minimal. Characters hit by the Alien Researcher’s skill will have their heads grow bigger.

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