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Miguel Caron Leaving Eternal Crusade

Announced today on the Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade mini twitch, much beloved studio head Miguel Caron will be leaving Behaviour Interactive.

Miguel has always been a delight to talk to both professionally for MMOGames and informally. His influence, energy and enthusiasm for the Eternal Crusade project and for Behaviour Interactive itself will be missed sorely. While he is almost certainly moving on to other entertaining and exciting opportunities, I for one hope that we will have him back in MMOs again. There’s no meeting quite like a Miguel meeting I’ve found.


Primarch Miguel Caron


Fans on the official Eternal Crusade Forums are already discussing an in game homage to Miguel and with good reason. Warhammer 40,000 still has two unknown legions, Miguel Caron for Primarch!

Succeeding Miguel in the role as Studio Head will be Nathan Richardsson. Nathan has worked for CCP as both a senior and executive producer as well as spending time with Trion Worlds and Ubisoft. He has big shoes to fill but regardless, the community is welcoming him on board.

Welcome aboard Nathan, I hope you aren’t a dirty Eldar player. We’ll not even consider that you might belong to the Ruinous Powers.

Here’s to Miguel Caron. In Nomine Imperator.


Source Credit: Chapter Master Valrak

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