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MMORPG Games More Popular in 2009

In the last year more MMORPG games have been coming to the market. We have seen a huge amount of new game titles being released in Asia. The question is what makes a MMORPG popular and when do players pick a game up or not? Over here at MMOhub we have seen and talked with many developers around the globe. We have noticed that every developer out there needs a huge player database in order to be considered successful and make revenues. More and more the games are being offered for free.

Just give your name and email address and start playing. That is the first worry of each MMO developer. Once you are in, it is time to get you as player “up in the game”. The higher the level you reach, the more stuck you get to the game, the more you want to grow as a player. Time for ingame items! And here lies the truth of each game. Is a MMORPG developer able to convert to revenues. Is the game good enough, are the players really stuck to the game, are they willing to stay longer in the game and buy those items. And if they buy items, how much revenues will they do per month, per year…lifetime?

In a growing market like MMORPG’s you will find more companies longing for players. Players will have more choices and will find themselves more often approached with marketing messages of so many developers. Where to choose from? What do other players and/or friends think of this game. After many months working on our database of games, reviews and community build up, we believe that players like to benchmark. That is the whole idea behind in the first place. Create a spot for you as a player. Do your research, talk in the community and make a choice.

The point I am trying to make is simple; the year of 2009 brought more MMORPG games in the market, but did the number of players and revenues grow equally so that the new games are not taking revenues away from older games. Of course we would like to see the number of players and revenues grow drastically and that the new games also attract new players. But is this the case?


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