MU Legend Wraps Open Beta for a Full Release on Steam

Hand on heart, I had forgotten that MU Legend was in open beta, so imagine my surprise when the full MU Legend release was announced today, which is bringing the MMOARPG lots of new content as part of its most recent update and bringing it all to Steam.

mu legend release

MU Legend’s full release will include the Noria expansion, which is ramping up the game’s level cap to 70 and introducing a titular new continent full of new quests and dungeons to take on. The Noria update also brings a smoothed leveling curve, a pet system, a new Talisman system, and an Airship Defense encounter. MU Legend has also made today’s launch the date of its first-ever arrival to Steam.

In celebration of the game’s final launch, a number of in-game events are being kicked off. Players who complete a series of Noria-related quests can unlock a variety of in-game items, while Steam users who can get to the highest Soul Level between now and September 4th will be rewarded with lockboxes full of goodies. There’s also goodies for new and returning players and an overall XP buff for everyone.

A new landing page has all of the details on the various events, while the latest patch notes can be read here and a launch trailer is below.

Our Thoughts

MU Legend is most certainly kicking off its full launch! We’ve been away for a while ourselves, so it certainly seems like the right time to hop into this bit of solid MMOARPG gaming and see what, if anything, has changed. Here’s hoping those who hop in enjoy themselves as well!

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