News Roundup: Neverwinter PvP, Titanfall Beta, DAoC, and More

Dark Age of Camelot Invites Players to Return

Dark Age of Camelot is inviting players who have let their account lapse for more than 60 days return for a free week of game time. This will include access to Pendragon where players can explore The New Frontiers updates in patch 1.115. To redeem the free game time just log into the account center.


Neverwinter Announces Changes to PvP

Neverwinter PvP

There will be changes to the PvP in Neverwinter in an upcoming update. The update will have an all new stat called Tenacity. This new stat increases resistance to effects including control powers, and stuns. Prone will also be getting a change to be affected by Control Resist and be much shorter against base level players. On top of all of this players can look forward to new PvP armor. There is no date announced for this release yet but MMOGames will be keeping a close eye on it.


Titanfall Beta Registration Begins

Beta for Titanfall will be beginning very soon and so beta registration has started. There will be a limited number of places in the beta made available for PC and Xbox One players. For the PC beta an origin account is required. If a person makes it in to the first round of beta invitations they will receive an email from EA no later than 11:59PM PST on February 17th. For a chance to take part register on the official Titanfall website.


World Tour Fishing Announces Open Beta

GamesCampus USA has announced that World Tour Fishing will launch into open beta on February 27th and the client is now available to be downloaded. There will be 25 levels in two countries and more than 20 fishing locations around the world available for players at the start.

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