Open Source MMO PlaneShift 0.5 Released

PlaneShift 0.5 Released


PlaneShift is a free 3d fantasy MMORPG, built by an independent game development group. The game is completely free, with no ads, no micro payments, no level

caps, no limited areas. And even more the game engine is Open Source!! This allows continuous development and improvement to the game engine and to the mechanics. PlaneShift

is not yet a complete game, but with the current features it can already provide endless hours of game-play and enjoyment.

In PlaneShift you can

experience very detailed character creation, spells, combat, quests, world exploration. It has a very active community of players with two servers: one focusing on role-play,

and another server with relaxed rules for those seeking more care-free play.

A few days ago a new major release has been completed: PlaneShift Arcane Chrysalis

(0.5). This release marks a very important milestone for the development team, because the graphical engine has been improved dramatically to allow more up to date effects and

reflections. Those new techniques are not applied everywhere yet, but will be part of the future updates. In this new release 0.5, there are plenty of enhancements and bug


The major features of the new release are:
– Completely new Quest system, based on

predefined choices plus free text for riddles and advanced quests

– NPCs now have real audio speech implemented (available only to limited number of NPCs for


– Mounts for riding.
– Redesigned Graphical User Interface.
– A new Launcher Application, aptly named PSLaunch, that automatically detects

and can apply new updates, manages settings, displays server news and launches PlaneShift.

– Support for group vs. group duels.
– Support for bracers,

belts and cloaks.

– Enhancements to Mini-games
– Improvements to guilds security and banking
– Added Italian, French, Spanish, Portugese,

Catalan, Swedish,

Russian, Romanian translations for the player interface.

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