Planetside 2 Massive Air Combat Gameplay Video

Planetside 2 is an upcoming sci-fi MMOFPS featuring a massive persistent world in which thousands of players can battle across the land and skies. Recently, developer Sony Online Entertainment revealed a new gameplay trailer. In this video we get a glimpse at the epic air combat available within Planetside 2. Watch as a group of players bombard an enemy base in a fly-by.

Epic. That’s all we can say from what we have seen from Planetside 2 so far. After suffering for so long from fake MMOFPS titles no more MMO than counterstrike, it’s about time we saw a real MMOFPS. The flying seems to be coming along nicely and looks like it should be a lot of fun if you can find a group of competent players. There are obviously going to be some balance concerns, but Planetside 2 looks like it could be a worthy sequel.

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