Reports that CCP is Laying Off Iceland Office Staff Surface




UPDATE: CPP has now confirmed that they had laid off 49 people as part of restructuring within the company. They told GamesIndustry.biz“As part of our strategy to focus on the EVE Universe, today CCP conducted a restructuring that resulted in the layoff of 49 people in our publishing organisation,” and also, “Though it is hard to say goodbye to our friends and family, this action concludes the process we started several months ago. CCP has provided severance packages and job placement assistance for those affected. Development teams and plans for EVE Online, EVE: Valkyrie, DUST 514, and ‘Project Legion’ are not impacted by the restructuring.”

According to a new report on Polygon another round of layoffs has hit CCP, this time at the Iceland office. At least 50 people have been confirmed as redundant but the exact number isn’t yet clear. A cut of 50 people has been described as a gigantic cut for the office however. This is a currently developing story that we will be keeping on top of and we will be making updates as soon as anything more is known.

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