Explosive Revelation Online Swordmage Trailer Debuts

If you like to watch really explosive magical combat and awesome robes, the new Revelation Online Swordmage trailer is right up your alley. Showcasing the skills and style of the ranged magic user, the new trailer gives players a peek at what the Swordmage has to offer.


Described by the game’s website as one of the more difficult classes to play, the Swordmage harnesses the elements of fire, ice and lightning in order to dish out huge AoE damage or soft crowd control.

The majority of the class’ abilities operate at range, but a few moves such as Frigid Aura and Lambic Step provide detrimental effects to enemies that manage to close the distance. The Swordmage also offers some buff utility to groups, and has several control abilities to help hinder enemies.

According to the official description, Swordmages excel in teams and in solo duels, but can be caught by focused fire and overwhelmed if they’re not careful. You can see for yourself how the class lays out foes in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Wow, that’s a lot of explosions. The Swordmage definitely looks like a very kinetic class, particularly with how many huge AoE blasts it laid out in the video. The decision on which class to roll first in Revelation Online just got a little more challenging.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of the Swordmage? Is this going to be your first class, or are you looking at another? Sound off below in the comments!

Source: official website

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