RIFT Announces a Progression Server with a Subscription Model

It would appear that players of RIFT would like to go back to basics. Back to the point when RIFT was just a launch product. The newly revealed RIFT Prime service will see a new progression server added to the game, along with a return to the subscription-only business model.

rift prime

Arriving by player demand, RIFT Prime will launch a new server that offers what it calls a “huge” amount of content and “dozens” of existing in-game updates including previously released expansions and continents, all available at the cost of a regular subscription. The RIFT Prime server will also offer sequential progression via in-game content, which will include monthly milestones and achievement rewards.

While the server will have a subscription fee, there will also be an in-game store on offer. However, that store will be purely cosmetics only, with no loot boxes whatsoever and many of the current store items available to earn through regular gameplay.

RIFT Prime is set to go live sometime in the Spring. Further details, including the price of a subscription, are due to be announced Soon™.

Our Thoughts

Now this sounds more like it. Back when we took a free-to-play spin in RIFT, we found the game’s cash shop pretty overbearing, so the fact that it’s being gutted in lieu of a sub-only server is certainly welcome news. We’re very interested in learning more about this new RIFT Prime and we’re especially curious to learn player reactions, so share them with us below!

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