Ship of Heroes Debuts its Day/Night Cycle Video

There’s been a lot of work on the immersion side of Ship of Heroes, and the debut of the Ship of Heroes day/night cycle video is giving followers of the developing MMO another new look at how life on the titular spacecraft feels for both the citizenry and its superpowered protectors.

ship of heroes day/night cycle video

The video in question has had time sped up for demonstration purposes, but the game’s regular cycle will happen every three hours in real time. The video features the signature character Meltdown checking out Apotheosis City during the daytime and nighttime, with the intent of showing off all the fancy lighting and NPC interactions.

According to the presser we’ve received, this marks the final major hurdle the devs have had to clear before starting work on the game’s login test. It also lauds the team’s development philosophy of building a core and then iterating on top of it. In other words, it’s the same Apotheosis City as shown before, only better.

You can judge for yourself just how much better and take a peek at the nightlife of the Ship of Heroes in the video below. There’s also an associated dev blog if you prefer words over moving images.

While it’s great to see the game’s world coming to life (or as close of an approximation to life as to allow one to suspend their disbelief), we’re more intrigued by the word that this is the last roadblock in the way to the MMO’s greater testing. Here’s hoping to learn more firm details on that front very soon.

Source: press email

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