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Skyforge Previews Besieged City of Veines With Stunning 3D Panorama

Is it Skyforge time yet? No? No matter. Today the Allods Team are previewing the once peaceful town of Veines with a 3D panoramic view of the surrounding area! This place looks simply amazing.

Veines is a city cut off from the rest of the world and has found itself and its surrounding environment an easy target for attack from the Reapers of Death. These forces have besieged the city and started attacking neighboring villages, brutally killing any locals who manage to escape. Comprised of vermin such as the bloodthirsty Carrions and the rat-like Virds, the Death Army have burrowed and tunneled their way underground from where they use the element of surprise to mount attacks on the unsuspecting city residents.

Skyforge Veines - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Immortals will aid the vanguard of the divine forces to stop the Reapers of Death from committing any further harm by clearing the path to the city, seeking out the place in the local ancient ruins where the Virds prepare their assault, and come face to face with the Gorgonides, a separate force taking advantage of the weakened Veines to capture one of the city’s districts, accompanied by battle Vipers and Hydras. They now seem to be attempting to join forces with the Reapers of Death.

There’s lots going on in Veines for Immortals to be dealing with and players must act to find out what is causing these events and stop enemies from joining forces. Seriously. Is it Skyforge time yet?

Make sure you check out the gorgeous panorama and if you haven’t already, head over to the Skyforge website to grab yourself a Founder’s Pack for guaranteed access in the next Closed Beta event!


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