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Sombra Adjustments Accidentally Arrive to Overwatch

If you’re a Sombra main, you maybe noticed things with the character felt a little bit different once the Year of the Dog update hit. It’s not in your head, but a series of Sombra adjustments that were originally meant to arrive to the PTR.

sombra adjustments

Responding to a player thread in the forums about the discovery, principal designer Geoff Goodman confirmed that some of the new-look Sombra changes accidentally worked their way into the latest update and will be removed soon.

So just what’s different about Sombra? Goodman offered a full lineup of adjustments the team are considering:

  • Ult charge will no longer be gained from health pack healing
  • Weapon spread is decreased by 10%
  • Hacking speed is increased to 0.65 seconds
  • Hacking will disable a number of new abilities; namely Pharah’s hover jets, Genji’s double jump and wall climb, Hanzo’s wall climb, Lucio’s currently running Crossfade song, and Mercy’s Angelic Descent.

According to Goodman, the idea is to take some power out of her Ultimate and provide a greater sense of power from her regular kit. The changes to Sombra are expected to arrive to the PTR sometime Soon™ and are, of course, not final.

Our Thoughts

We don’t really see too much Sombra out there, so it will definitely be interesting to see if these changes will see her become more useful overall than just someone who’s picked to hack health packs and then swapped out for someone else.

Source: official forums

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