Star Citizen Developers Highlights Kickstarter Campaign Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The developers behind the successfully crowdfunded game Star Citizen, is using up space on their website to promote different promising looking Kickstarter campaigns. One of them being Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Kingdom Come is a realistic singleplayer medieval RPG game that has recently put up a campaign on Kickstarter.

kingdom come 2

What is really awesome about this is that the game genuinely impresses the Star Citizen devs, who have been haled as the most successful crowdfunding project ever. Like Star Citizen, the team at Warhorse has launched their project with a graphically stunning video that showcases actual gameplay… and it looks real intense and realistic! And, like Star Citizen, the game has been entirely built using the CryEngine. They’re essentially using the same technology to build swords and armor as the devs behind Star Citizen are using to make spaceships and alien worlds.

The devs from Star Citizen encourage everybody to take a look at Warhorse’s Kickstarter. If you’re a fan of the kind of detail and respect that is put into games development, it may be something you would enjoy.

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