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Star Trek Online Details Released On Latest Starships

Good news for the Star Trek Online fans who are eagerly waiting the latest starships, new information about them has been released on Arc. Details about the new tier 6 starships can be found here, and they will be coming to the game next month in the latest update called Delta Rising. Cryptic has been slowly rolling out information about the latest starships in their dev diary.

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New Delta Starships

The Klingon’s will be receiving a Starship named the Mat’Ha Raptor vessel, a ship with devastating firepower. The Federation will gain the new Guardian cruiser, a ship which is very durable and flexible. The Guardian also has a weapon which can convert enemy fire into a weapon booster for their own ship. Additionally, the Federation will also gain the Dauntless, an experimental science vessel which can project fake copies of its own ship to feel its enemies.. Finally, the Romulan characters will gain the Aelahl Warbird Battlecruiser, a ship with which can dish out a collapsing singularity to reign down terror on their enemies.

all of these and more will be available in the C-store once the new update launches. Only available for players of level 50 or above.

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