Steel Legions Warfare Update Goes Live!

Steel Legions is a free to play 3D Browser game created by developer Splitscreen. Today marks the day for the launch of the Warfare update which brings a host of new and improved raiders and an increased level cap. Players are now able to continue from level 20 to 25. To celebrate the launch of this update, Splitscreen will be holding a drawing for 10,000 starter packs containing items to give players an advantage in the battlefield.

MMO Games Steel Legions Warfare Update Screenshot

The starter packages will include a free tank from the premium cash shop, equippable with new modules available in the store such as the Kinetic Deflector or Mazer Cannon. Through this customization system players can turn their premium tank into the ultimate weapon of destruction. If you aren’t one of the lucky 10,000 don’t worry, all players will be receiving a 20% discount on their gold purchases during the launch weekend starting November 4th.

Visit the Steel Legions game page to find out more!

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