Take to the skies in Minecraft

Flight has always been the ultimate goal of man. Of course normal people will probably never be able to fly without the help of machines in real life, but now players can live out their dreams in Minecraft with magic capes!

Scheduled to arrive in Minecraft update 1.9, magic flying capes will let players soar with the birds. In a recent post on Twitter, developer Jens Bergensten said a new dramatic feature would be out in the next Minecraft snapshot.

“I didn’t want a hypetrain but there’s no stopping “Trollmaso”, right? =) Yes, new dramatic feature, likely out in the next snapshot,” said Bergensten.

Bergensten’s next Twitter update showcased a gif of a player taking flight, with the caveat that they were still a work in progress. Apparently, these capes will not be craftable and must be discovered by exploring the wilderness. Additionally, the magic cape will replace any that the player happens to be wearing at the time.

Of course there’s no news on when Minecraft snapshot 1.9 is going to be released. Initially the patch, known as The Combat Update, was expected to release in July, but clearly that date has come and gone. Until then, Minecraft fans will just have to control their anticipation.

Source: Twitter

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