The Syndicate celebrates its 14th Anniversary!

The Syndicate celebrates its 14th Anniversary!

The Syndicate (
<> ),
the oldest continuously operating online gaming community, is celebrating its
14th Anniversary!  Founded in Feb 1996, The Syndicate has not only
survived fourteen years but it has pushed the limits of what an online
community can achieve.  

One of the most visible metrics used to gauge online gaming groups is size.
 Having more than 625 active members is an impressive feat for any group
but when one factors in that more than 550 of The Syndicate’s members have been
with the guild more than year it is clear that our community is very unified
and very friend oriented.  Turnover and drama are virtually non-existent.

The Syndicate’s rich history is filled with many other unique aspects of its
community that factor into our overall success.  In addition to the
development of a very motivated, team focused and fun loving community, some of
the other major highlights over the past 14 years include:

* Years of charitable work for Youth Opportunity
Unlimited, The American Cancer Society as well as major support for deployed
service men and women. The Syndicate maintains a strong commitment to giving
back to the community both within the games we play and in the real world.

* Having a book published about the history of the first 10 years of our
community entitled Legend of The Syndicate.

* Being featured in the MMO documentary Second Skin.  We will also be
featured in the upcoming documentary about Richard Garriott.

* Annual conferences, since 2002, attended by 150+ members and dozens of Game
Developers and PC hardware manufacturers.  The 2010 conference has game
developer sponsorship that pays for the costs for 200+ members to attend.

* Becoming a studio for Prima Games (the industry leader in print media
strategy guides).  Books written by The Syndicate have outsold John
Grisham for the same sales periods.  

* Trademarking our name and incorporating our guild were two major milestones
in our history that created additional opportunities.

* Numerous consulting opportunities for MMO development.  Most games that
have come out in the past decade have had some level of Syndicate involvement
very often from the extremely early stages.  Those relationships grow in
number, scope and value provided with each passing year.

* Featured in more than 75 internet articles, 3 books, more than a dozen print
magazines and numerous newspaper articles.

Since The Syndicate’s creation, millions of guilds have been created and
imploded.  In fact, statistically you have a better odds of winning your
local lottery and you are twenty five times more likely to be struck by
lightning than you are to create a guild with the longevity of The Syndicate.
 There are definitely other successful long term guilds out there and The
Syndicate salutes all of those groups; especially those that work hard to make
gaming more successful for all players.  Longevity, Size, Leadership,
Loyalty, Membership Retention, Impact On Game Development, Industry Influence,
Recognition.. for virtually any meaningful metric of success, The Syndicate
sets the standard.  There is no other gaming community that has
accomplished as much as The Syndicate has and we are very proud of that hard
earned distinction.  With 14 years under our belt, in many ways we are
just getting started.  New strategic partnerships continue to be forged
that will result continued positive impact on the future of MMO gaming.
 We are very excited about what the coming years hold not only for us but
for the entire gaming community.

Long Live The Syndicate!  

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